Last updated: October 20, 2014

5 Lies All Women Say



As your game becomes more honed in over time, you start to develop a fine sense for simply tuning women out. You learn how to appear vastly intrigued by whatever incessant babble is coming from her mouth, whilst at the same time artfully moving the seduction forward with your body language and your knowledge of what attracts a woman.

With that being said, girls really aren’t that much different from each other when it comes down to it. You have to screen for the good ones. You’ll find as you go on lots of dates and have lots of interactions with women, they all say the same damn things. Here’s five things girls will all say, but it truthfully doesn’t mean a thing in 99% of the cases.brazilian-woman-Dayana-03

“I don’t like drama.”

Drama is as necessary for women as breathing.

If they don’t get their doses of it, they tend to go insane. They will go to the ends of the Earth to manufacture it themselves if needed, and it will usually be you (depending on the severity of the relationship) who it falls upon. Of course, the key to avoiding the drama is to ignore it/NEXT them/dump them. Frame is everything though, and if you maintain a good frame you can have situations like this instead of dealing with unnecessary bullshit.

“I’m not like that anymore.”

“That” could equal being a slut, being a cheater, or any number of things that feminism empowers women, but that they know men find very unattractive at our biological core.

“I don’t need a man.”

While it’s true that in today’s world, a woman does not need a man for what used to be necessary biological functions such as money, food and shelter – any woman with half a brain on her head knows that she must acquire a husband with a marriage certificate, or she’s simply not up to par.

So while they may throw this phrase at you with all of the empowerment of all their feminist sisters, don’t hold it against them. They just think that you find this attractive. Let it slide.

“Money doesn’t matter.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Women are attracted to more than just looks. They want motivation and drive, and usually that results in – you guessed it, money. You don’t have to be Bill Gates rich, but know that having money, or having a plan and motivation to make some, is important.

 “We’re not having sex tonight.”

Out of all the times I’ve heard this, 90% of the time I ended up having sex with them. Treat it like flirting.


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