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40 Thoughts On Online Dating



Online Dating Preparation

1.) You must never stop creating and burning through leads. If you take a week off from messaging, unless you are exceptionally good looking, your prospects will dry up.

2.) Always use a multitude of platforms. OkCupid. Tinder. Any and all other options.

3.) If you’re doing things right, you’ll stop bothering to actually save women’s names in your phone until you meet them.

4.) For those thinking, “What about ping texts to old leads!” in regards to #3, understand that online dating does not work like that. If you never meet, it’s very, very unlikely that she’s going to remember you and be receptive to you a few months down the road. Not saying it can’t happen, but this is a Hail Mary type of game.

Online Dating Hacks

5.) Do not write custom messages. You are wasting your time.

6.) Do copy and paste the same message to every damn girl. It ain’t pretty, but I’m personally in the business of getting laid, not writing women feel-good messages that they never respond to.

7.) Follow up to #6: Create lists on your computer and in your phone. I just use Microsoft Word on the computer and notes on my iPhone. Keep these up at all times for easy copy and paste fun.

8.) Use these lists and templates for all parts of a conversation, not just the openers. Get my book if you need more info on this.

9.) Utilize any and all “hacks” or third party software that will auto message or auto swipe for you. Post coming soon about this.

10.) Don’t hesitate to pay a premium price to try a site out for a month, or add-ons within an app. This is assuming your other finances are in order. For example, using Tinder to change my location ahead of time when I went to Pittsburgh made things easier since I was working so much.

11.) In regards to the premium sites – they don’t have as many members. Do not keep your account active year round. Use it for two or three months, then let it sit idly for six so it’s repopulated with new members. No sense in paying to get the same girls in your search results.

Online Dating Messages

12.) When messaging girls, you’ll think it’s going swell and they’ll simply drop off of the radar with zero explanation. Do not bother trying to re-engage these girls. They made it clear.

13.) Understand that she is getting dozens of offers for dick a day. Also understand that it doesn’t take much to stand above them…so do so.

14.) Much like real life, you can be more aggressive than you probably think you can. Girls like a man with confidence.

15.) In regards to #14, I like to weed out the “meh” and “no” girls. If she’s into you and your vibe, you should be willing to give you her phone number within five or ten messages.

16.) ALWAYS take the phone number. Do not agree to set up a date over the site or app. I’ve tested this. Out of the four times I agreed to not take their number, only once did I actually end up going on the date.

17.) The amount of questions she asks in return is a good indicator of how interested she is. But, there are exceptions to every rule.

Online Dating Screening

18.) If she doesn’t show off her body in her pictures, nine times out of ten is because her body is terrible.

19.) Girls know the value of their looks, subconsciously. As much as feminism will feed the bullshit to society that it’s on the inside that counts, you know as a reader here that all we as men truly care about in regards to sex is whether she makes our dick hard. No fucks are given about her useless university degree in <insert mumble jumble major>.

20.) You must ask for full body pics if she doesn’t have them up. “Do you have any full body pics?” is all it takes.

21.) If she refuses – she’s fat. You’ve been warned. Go on this date at your own risk.

22.) Any girl not willing to come to you is NOT WORTH YOUR TIME. Next her. Exceptions can be made; i.e. she doesn’t have a car, or if you have a terrible living situation, etc.

23.) As a man, you are doing the following:

  • Sending the first message
  • Making conversation and charming
  • Asking for her number
  • Setting up the date, including picking the place and time around her schedule
  • You are generally expected to pay
  • You must make the first move in regards to a kiss and sex

So with all that being said – if she’s not willing to get in her car and drive to you, drop her. She’ll be nothing but a pain in the ass, I can promise you that.

24.) Be bold and invite her straight over. A date is nothing but a cockblock. Some of them won’t go for this, and it shouldn’t be a reason to drop her, but it’s still a great way to screen the girls that are really, really into you.

25.) If you’re not that bold, don’t hesitate to be a weasel. Tell her to meet her by your apartment, and come down to greet her. Then “forget” something upstairs and run back up. Ask her if she wants a glass of wine while you take care of whatever bullshit you made up. At the least, she’s then seen your place and is more comfortable with the idea of coming back. Read Cracking OkCupid if you want the full details on how to do this.

Online Dating Foreplay

Note: This post is in somewhat chronological order, this may belong somewhere in the middle of the last section.

26.) Avoid telling her your name as long as possible, preferably.

27.) When texting, never tell her the location of said date prior to the day of the date.

28.) Say it’s Tuesday evening. You set a date for Friday. You cannot go silent and not text her for those two days in between. On one of those days, send her a ping text. I’m very partial to using pictures – silly GIFs, puppies, or weird pictures of Miley Cyrus. You do not need to get into a full conversation.

29.) Never ask, always tell. “Bar ABC at 7pm.”

30.) You should consider testing her compliance when you first make the date. “I like dresses,” will usually suffice. If she gives you attitude about this, there’s a very good chance she’ll end up being a ball-busting bitch.

The Date

31.) Show up after her. Yes, there’s a good chance she’ll be at least fifteen minutes late. Hang out in another bar and wait for her to tell you she’s there. Then tell her you’ll be there in five. Proceed to show up ten minutes later. Hopefully she’s already ordered a drink for herself, you cheap bastard 😉

32.) Exception to 31: You know the staff and can have fun bullshitting with them to get yourself warmed up. This also allows time for a free shot and to pick the best seat in the house.

33.) Never sit across. Always next to each other. Think it’s weird to sit next to someone at a booth for dinner? A first date should never be dinner.

34.) Chumps buy dinner. Chumps don’t get laid. Yes, there is a direct correlation.

35.) Hug upon greeting. Do not shake hands. Possible exception if you’re an older gentleman. If under 35, definitely should be hugging. Note: this is for America. Europe is actually quite different and they prefer to shake hands.

36.) Experience tells me that the best formula to consistently get laid is to have a one hour first date, then bounce out and leave her wanting more. Then try to seal the deal with a home dinner date on the second date. My batting average with this method is astonishingly high.

37.) However, there is a huge rush in going for gold on the first night. I’m guilty of doing this all the time and blowing it, whereas if I had just called it a night I would’ve saved my time, money, a hangover, and would’ve had a new notch instead of nothing. Make wise decisions.

38.) The solution to the two points above is to simply schedule two or three dates in one day. As it stands, you then have to cut at least one of them off short.

39.) When you meet in person from online dating, you are starting from square zero. Do not assume you can talk or touch like you’ve known each other in a club for three hours because you swapped a couple dozen text messages.

40.) Final thought: remember, above all online dating is a numbers game. Make sure you can approach at night and during the day, too. Do not fully rely on online dating.

BONUS! The hottest girls are not online. Do you really think a 9 needs Tinder? No, she’s got millionaires offering her dick. Keep this in mind and don’t let yourself become a slave to the game of online dating.

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  1. Every point is spot on.

    I know guys who go sex-less for months on end. I try to get them into online dating, tell them #13 for instance. All you have to do is be a little better than average and you will win more often then not. If you are on point all around, you will crush it. I think the majority of men have a sincere lack of confidence, and with that, a skepticism that sex can be had so easy. Once you master online game, you quickly realize the ease of it all.

    For me – #1 is most important – followed by #36 (have a go-to meal you cook).

    Great stuff.

      1. These are so good I actually forwarded them to a friend. Online dating is a grind and it’s kinda depressing (especially at first) to send message after message with no response.

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