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4 Unattractive Things Girls Do That Make Me Vomit

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As I was doing an online dating blitz the other night, I realized that I’m starting to notice a disturbing upward trend of profiles with girls that have violated their bodies beyond imagination. Shockingly, it’s not allowing a different stranger to violate their ovaries with a cock that I’m talking about. No, I’m talking about girls violating their bodies with needles. Absurd amounts of colored ink and shiny jewels litter otherwise beautiful girl’s bodies, all in the name of “expressing themselves”.

What these girls fail to realize is that all the usual crap they say, such as, “Beauty on the inside is what counts,” actually holds true in this case. A woman’s natural beauty will always overshadow whatever hideous “art” she decorates her body with. Hell, maybe women just shouldn’t be able to make decisions themselves.

Rather than losing five pounds or growing her hair three inches longer, girls would rather write crap like this in their profile:

YES, I have lots of tattoos. If you don’t like it TOO BAD.

Of course, they’ll rationalize this by saying that this is their way of weeding out “the weak men”. Yes, all men who would like a girl who they could bring home to their mother and not have to explain her years of “discovering herself” are weak. It’s a good thing that the beauty of body art fades with age (and even childbirth, depending on the location of said art) – just like women.

Of course, along with tattoos and piercings, there are many other things women do that the vast majority of men are going to find unattractive. Whilst men are chastised for not having the right job, big enough muscles, or not the right friends, women just think they should be able to be whoever the hell they please (read: as unpleasant as possible) and that all men should conform our biological points of attraction to whatever freak show a woman has decided to present herself as.

So this got me thinking: what other vile things do girls do and say that make my boner die? Well, here’s the list:

Unattractive Things Girls Do #1: Excessive Tattoos

Obviously I’ve already written about it above, but I think it’s important to say that for the record, minimal tattoos and/or piercings are okay and perfectly acceptable. A fine example of this would be this:


While the flower itself is cliche, it’s small and “classy” enough that I could absolutely live with it. Now, this is not acceptable:


This girl would be absolutely stunning if not for the excessive body art. What the hell is that thing on her arm, anyway? Not a fan of the lip piercing, either. She looks like a fucking fish hooked on a line.

Unattractive Things Girls Do #2: Excessive Piercings

Much like tattoos, piercings in moderation are fine. Ear piercings are obviously okay. Even a couple in the ear doesn’t bother me. The nose stud in the picture above – if that’s all that she had – wouldn’t be a problem. But there are some hideous piercing options out there that exist.

For example, why are you piercing your…cheek?


And the worst of all, THE BULL!

This girl is quite cute, and the piece of jewelry itself is actually classy itself – but I’d wager you still wouldn’t find a quality, high-value man who would prefer she have the bull versus not having it at all.


Unattractive Things Girls Do #3: Like, OMG, Totally; aka Valley Girl Accent

The Valley Girl Accent is definitely more prevalent in Los Angeles than most places in the world. When I hear this accent I want to kill myself. Here’s an example. I picked out a cute girl to make it more tolerable.

Skip to 2:30.

Unattractive Things Girls Do #4: Arrogance & Cockiness

Girls mistake the fact that they can be attracted to a bit of arrogance and assume that men are attracted to the same thing. You can also add delusional to this section. I found the perfect example of all three of these on one girl’s profile. What a catch she seems to be, eh?gemI don’t know about you gents, but I’m dying to now take this girl out now for five days of hearing her drone on about how great she is. And then maybe – just maybe, at the end of five dates I’ll be fortunate enough to get to enter her “priceless” pussy that no doubt many men before me have ravished with no requirement.

And there you have it. The four things that I find most unattractive in a woman at this moment in time. Of course, this is subject to change as I encounter even more vile unattractive traits.

What do you find the worst of these 4 traits? Got any others you’d like added to this?

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  1. Probably not a surprise either way.

    5. Get fat
    6. Cut hair short

    Both are deal breakers for me. I tell every girlfriend of mine that if she gets fat or cuts her hair short – it’s over.


    (By short I mean – shorter than shoulder length, even though I’d prefer longer than even that).

  2. Frequenting Disneyland a number of times this year I have noticed that womens/girls tattoos aren’t even ‘girly’ anymore. Flaming skulls, vomiting demon heads, rips/tears/wounds – stuff that would be grizzly on a guy, much more so on a female (I wont call them women). What pushed me over the edge was some overweight female in shorts too short for her fat legs with flaming skulls tattooed on front of both thighs! Really?! It boggles the mind.

    1. I was just at Disneyland this Sunday and couldn’t agree more. The days of stupid, but naive-innocent shit like flowers and dolphins is definitely being phased out in favor of bizarre stuff like you mentioned; also, see pic above for example.

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