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4 Tips to Get in Shape While Partying Like a Playboy

This is a guest post by Jon Anthony of Masculine Development.

We’ve all felt it before—you wake up the next morning, half-dead and half-drunk from the night before. As you rub your eyes and feel your insides churn, you look at the clock and it hits you: “Shit. Today is leg day.”

Many men are left choosing between two unfavorable realities: either you have all the gains, but zero girls, or all the girls, but zero gains. It’s HARD to build muscle, lose fat, AND learn game at the same time! The hangovers, the sleeping in, the women not wanting to leave your bed…it all poses a huge obstacle to getting to the gym and lifting those weights.

There are ways to attain the “fitness model lifestyle,” as I call it, however. You know what I’m talking about—the jacked dudes on Instagram posting their latest weekend pictures of them jacked at a Las Vegas expo, or running around doing coke with models in LA.

It’s certainly not easy to attain this lifestyle, but if you’re reading this blog, then easy isn’t for you.

1. Replace Alcohol

First off, let’s get something straight—you’re not going to pack on pounds and pounds of muscle while simultaneously getting drunk every single night. It’s just not going to happen. If you want to do this right, drink a maximum of three drinks per night, and ideally even less.

Whenever guys ask me how to get six pack abs, I typically ask how often they drink. For most individuals, simply cutting out alcohol will lead to a massive drop in weight. I knew one girl who cut out alcohol from her diet and lost 10 pounds in a month, without changing anything else.

Up to three drinks a night, alcohol has some health benefits—but beyond that the downsides outweigh the upsides. Opt for vodka and tequila as well, avoiding the darker colored liquors. Clear alcoholic beverages tend to have less toxins, and are easier on your liver to digest.

Try replacing alcohol with a party alternative, also—and no, I don’t mean cocaine or ecstasy. I’m talking about Kratom, Phenibut, or the simple adrenaline rush of a post-workout high.

Kyle already touched upon Kratom in his podcast, and as for phenibut you want to minimize this to twice a week. Red Supplements puts out a great, high quality phenibut supplement.

The best pre-game however, is simply hitting the gym. When you hit the gym before going out, then hit the sauna, take a cold shower, and grab a bite to eat, you hit all the key aspects of getting into state.

You get a pump. You get a rush of endorphins, and feel great. You feel relaxed from the sauna, and it gives you a better complexion, too. The cold shower boosts your testosterone and reinvigorates your body. The food nourishes you, so that you’re not hungry at 4am when you’re trying to pull.

2. Pareto-Style Workouts

Speaking of workouts, you’ll want to avoid the grueling 5-hours-a-day Schwarzenegger style workouts. While those may be a great fit for high level bodybuilders on damn near deadly doses of steroids, they’re not a great fit for men trying to learn game.

You want to take the Pareto Mindset to your gym time. What exercises can you do for the maximum benefit, in the least amount of time? In other words, how can you get superman jacked in just 3-5 hours a week?

Focus on the compound, heavy lifts—shoulder press, incline bench, squats, deadlifts, dips, and weighted pull ups to name a few. Put away the dinky little 5 pound dumbbells and grab the barbell. Load it up with a couple of plates, and lift away.

If you’re uncertain what to do, I recommend you follow the Daniel Craig Workout—it’s a great example of what I’m discussing here. Your time is your most valuable asset, and if you’re trying to learn game, you don’t want to be spending 20 hours a week in the gym.

Aim to get in and get out in under 90 minutes, and only rest a minute or so between sets. This will up the intensity of your workout, leading to increased testosterone and lower catabolic hormones. As for the diet, I recommend you stay mostly in ketosis.

3. Ketosis is Key

One of the biggest problems you’re going to have when going out is trying to maintain the standard bodybuilder’s diet. You know, the one where you see Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eating like eight meals a day, all equally spaced out by two hours? Yeah, that’s not going to work.

When you go out to clubs, sometimes you’ll be away from healthy food for up to seven or eight hours, and while this may work for some, it will leave bodybuilders feeling completely drained and exhausted. This is why I opt for following a ketosis based meal plan, such as the steak and eggs diet.

On the steak and eggs diet, you simply eat two gigantic meals a day—both consisting of grass fed steak and pastured eggs, cooked in grass fed butter. It’s paleo, it boosts your testosterone, it’s fast and efficient, and most importantly, it requires minimal effort.

Using this diet, you can intermittent fast until lunch time, eat your first meal, hit the gym, and then eat your second meal before going out. In other words, you won’t have to worry about finding food when you’re at the club.

This can be a huge relief, as finding good wholesome food on the ghetto streets of DC can be a problem sometimes. Most bars are loaded with foods that kill testosterone such as trans fats, soy, and you guessed it, alcohol—I painfully realized this when I was preparing for my Body of an Alpha photoshoot.

4. Utilize Different Sleep Cycles

You’re not going to get jacked without enough sleep—this is one of the immutable laws of bodybuilding. “B-b-but Arnold only got 5 hours a night!” is the common counterargument, and yes, that is correct.

But you’re not Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger, and you’re not on enough steroids to kill a bull. You’re a regular guy trying to get jacked while learning game at the same time, so you need to get enough sleep. This can pose a massive challenge if you’re out until the wee hours of the night, however.

You’ll have to experiment with sleep hacking to see which cycles work for you, but there’s a few general rules you want to follow when designing your sleep schedule. First off, sleep in increments of 90 minutes—it takes this long for your brain to complete a full cycle, and waking up before it’s finished is what leaves you feeling groggy.

The second rule you want to follow is to keep your bedroom 100% pitch black. I personally have blackout curtains for this specific purpose, to block out any and all sunlight that might seep in and wake me up. I also use a sleep mask, 10,000 lux light therapy box to simulate the sun, and an alarm clock that simulates sunrise.

Most people who can’t wake up whenever they want, choose to do the classic “college sleep cycle,” which consists of a six hour sleep during the night, and an hour and a half nap during the afternoon. If you have a 9-5 job, this may be what you’ll have to do.


All in all, it’s pretty damn difficult to get jacked AND learn game at the same time, simply because they’re two entirely different and opposite skills (although both do work well synergistically). Most men will have to choose one or the other to really focus on, which I call periods of immersion.

You should never simply neglect your health or your love life, but it’s okay to prioritize one for some time—this is what I do routinely. In order to attain a high level of skill at anything, you must isolate it and focus 100% of your efforts on it for a certain length of time.

What this might look like is a three month commitment to getting shredded while doing day game twice a week, and then a three month commitment to maintaining those gains while going out four nights a week to practice your game.

I hate to say it, but there is no “one size fits all,” solution to do both at the same time. It’s going to take some experimentation, some effort, and some time, but if you learn to master these two areas of your life, you’ll find that everything else will naturally fall into place.

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