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4 Reasons Why I Said ‘Screw You’ to Soundcloud

As some of you have undoubtedly noticed, my podcast, Troublesome Radio, is sporadic at best. I go weeks, even a month, without a new episode. Sometimes I have tons of great guests on—then I don’t have anyone on the show for 3 or 4 months. Then some new ones magically appear.

I have not been consistent, and have not worked hard on it. I am the one and only person at fault. I accept responsibility as my lack of enthusiasm.

I simply did not see enough benefit of it. Sure, I like doing them. I like putting my voice out there, and to give you a chance to listen to some deeper thoughts. But, it takes a lot of time—between scheduling, recording, editing, writing summaries, etc.

That time does not seem to repay itself with dollars in my bank account, hence the lack of motivation. I like money—I am human enough to admit it.

But then, I was poking around on my friend Mark Baxter’s show. He actually wrote a post about why he was moving off of SoundCloud (my former platform) to LibSyn.

Also, I’ve been on Mark’s show—make sure to give it a listen.

Then I clicked through to his actual LibSyn page and just thought, “Wow, I want a show page to look like that!”

Clean, simple, and straightforward. Basically, everything that SoundCloud is not.

With that being said, here are the reasons I’m switching Troublesome Radio to PodBean off of SoundCloud.


SoundCloud is ridiculous! I can’t even put a nice looking 300×250 widget for my products on the sidebar. They don’t allow it.

Take another pal, Christian McQueen, and his podcast page.

I’m jealous of Christian’s show page, too. I had the same thought as when I saw Mark’s—“WTF, why can’t I have that on SC!!!”

He’s able to write full blog posts, and put nice-looking sidebar ads for his products right on the page. Why Soundcloud doesn’t allow this is beyond me. Right now, they just allow you to drop text links on the right-hand side of the page. No graphics or anything creative.

Nobody is gonna see it if it’s just text here:

Look, I don’t ever want to be the guy who shoves lots of annoying ads in people’s faces. Not at all. But if I’m producing free content that has 70+ episodes of high-quality stuff, yeah—I want to be able to stick a damn picture to some of my products.

That’s a fair trade.

Soundcloud doesn’t allow it.

My Soundcloud podcast page looks like every other musician or podcaster who also uses SC. The only thing I can change is the header graphic and my profile picture.

I just feel like all of my technical skills are just going to waste for some space that could be much better utilized and optimized. Speaking of tech skills…


As mentioned in the survey a few weeks ago, I’m toying with the idea of creating a premium podcast that would be far more business/technical/nerd based. It would go into huge detail about SEO, design, and other tricks of the trades I’ve learned over the years.

(The main podcast is and always will be free.)

All I want is to be able to upload a couple of episodes a month, tag them in a certain way, and have paying members be able to get access to it. Seems pretty simple, right?

It’s not even an option to do this with Soundcloud.

I don’t want to do this on a paywall on my own site (though it’s easy to do). I don’t want the load on the server nor the clutter.

As a final note, I still am undecided on whether or not I want to pursue this and actually create said podcast. But at least now, I know I can.


This is the most MADDENING part about Soundcloud.

If I want to write a recap of a show and include some links, I have to actually paste the URL out like this:

That’s not the way you want to link things. It’s ugly and effects back-linking strategies (it’s better to have them be relevant to the anchor text). But no, Soundcloud makes me actually link the post out. Which means that I can’t even copy and paste from the blog to Soundcloud or vice versa. I’ve actually got to go in and add links twice for them to come through.

I also can’t bold, highlight, or do anything of worth on Soundcloud’s plain text editor that was built in 1975.


Soundcloud was charging me $1 a month more than Podbean now is. Deal breaker.

Just kidding. Don’t be that guy.

But, that was just salt in the wound. I was paying more for way less.

Easy choice at the end of the day.

PS: Make sure you follow the new feed at the brand-new podcast site on Podbean.

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I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Matt Lawrence - May 17, 2017

I’m currently listening to your podcasts via the Apple podcast app which pulls things down from the iTunes store. It works fairly well.

I actually tried to go to a better app, Overcast, only to discover it won’t run on an iPhone 4s, so I’m still looking to upgrade. Top requirement is that it download podcasts and let me listen while travelling. So your podcast does a great job of meeting that requirement.

I may look into an app that lets me pull podcasts from multiple sources, suggestions are welcome.

    Kyle Trouble - May 17, 2017

    Yeah, I always want to have the option to let people download the mp3 and take it on the go.

    iTunes is shockingly good – I usually hate their crap.


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