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27 Years, 27 Thoughts

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Yesterday was my 27th birthday.

That time when I think I can officially say, I’m in my later 20s, not mid.

In any case, I’ve got 27 quick-hitting thoughts about life I’m going to share before I head out for my birthday drinkfest dinner celebration…

You’ll notice quite a few of them boil down to freedom, power, money, and just overall “breaking the system”.

On to the 27 thoughts:

1. If you don’t like your environment, move. The best thing I ever did was move to Eastern Europe. California made me unhappy, I fixed it.

2. “Stuff” is overrated. Still stand by this. If you can’t pack up and move relatively easily, you just have all these weights tying you down. Happiness and satisfaction comes from your relationships and freedom in life, not material items.

3. The right woman can help improve your life. The wrong one will destroy it.

4. Shut the fuck up and listen. You will be amazed at how people will give you the “blueprint” to working with them. Whether it be a woman telling you how to seduce her or a man telling you how to do business with him. Shut yo mouth and just watch.

5. Look at the world through the glasses that YOU DO NOT MATTER. Most people are wrapped up in their own bullshit. Start looking at everything from an angle that recognizes most people are selfish, and you’ll find everything much easier (and profitable).

6. Always have the backup plan. Just for peace of mind. If you couldn’t have a new girl in your bed within a week of a break, you’re doing it wrong. If you couldn’t handle 6 months of unemployment if you got fired, you’re doing it wrong. Have plans in place.

7. Look what everyone else, who is average, does. Then do the opposite.

8. Every second is TIME. Time time time. Therefore I must do nothing to waste any time. You still need to get out of the house sometimes. A nice walk, coffee, or lunch out is not a waste of time. It’s recharging.

9. It’s not about the money, it’s about the FREEDOM that money provides.

10. IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP: Most people can’t handle freedom. Even if they have financial freedom, they find another way to shoot themselves in the foot. Fact is, most people desperately, desperately want someone to tell them what to do. Why do you think so many millionaires still take shit from their wives?

11. You don’t need as much social interaction as you might think. Most people are stupid and I’d rather talk nonsense to a dog all day than the vast majority of individuals. Get used to being alone if you want to actually get shit done.

12. Technology is here to stay. Get on board or get left behind. Complaining and pining for the “good ‘ol days” does you zero good. They are not coming back. Hopefully modern civilization doesn’t turn into Wall-E.

13. People like to wear their tin foil hats and say that elites like to “control” us to keep their money. It’s not the money. It’s the power. A tantalizing drug.

14. In the self improvement realm, many people like to talk about shit like taking cold showers. This is stupid. If you need a cold shower to bring yourself motivation, change your environment. Shocking yourself with ice water does nothing.

15. Those who yell the loudest about their status, money, or whatever else it may be typically do so for a reason…

16. Stop believing everything you see on the internet, and pick apart the “gurus” with a fine-toothed comb.

17. There is no perfect place in the world. Hunt for it forever if that makes you happy. But you won’t find it. This is just human nature. The grass is always greener, the girls always hotter, the weather always better…isn’t it?

18. Figure out who YOU are. What you want out of life. You don’t have to build a personal brand and sell information products like everyone wants to do these days. Personally, I’m happy being a relatively public figure, but I never want to be famous. Today, someone on Twitter interacted with me who lives in my city and goes to the same gym. That’s just crazy. This is why I continue to build different business ventures behind the scenes, a bit more out of public eye.

19. You only have to break “The System” once. Be nice to girls. Go to college. Buy a car. Get a mortgage. Marry. Kids. Divorce. All it takes is for you to put your foot down on one of these things, just ONCE, and then you wake up and realize that there are alternative ways. My breaking point came at the “get a mortgage” level. Where you break is up to you.

20. Your mind and body are more connected than you think. This becomes obvious as you get older. You eat junk, you’ll feel like junk. Invincibility only lasts so long.

21. We are pioneers. 100 years ago, there were no computers, no iPhones, no commercial airplanes, very few cars, the list goes on and on. Humans evolve, yes, but one could argue we have evolved too fast, and are not slowing down at all. This has ramifications that you cannot see (such as women trying to slut it up and then have babies at 45), biology always wins. Stop and think about how quickly things have changed, and how things always were. Realize that you do not undo all the years of how society was just because technology has exploded.

22. If you have expectations for women like you do for men, you’ll be disappointed. Change the way you approach it.

23. Home runs are sexy. But sometimes singles win the game. 10 ideas that generate $50 a day are significantly less sexy than 1 idea that generates $200 a day. But which one would you rather have?

24. Also, it only takes one home run to really make it.

25. Build the relationships that matter. Drop the ones that don’t. I have given up on most of my cousins and family. Many of them probably hate me, because I have freedom and a plan in life. But my folks? My relationship with them has improved over the years. I will continue to try to build it.

26. Pick your partners and friends carefully. Life is too short and time too precious to spend with people you simply don’t like.

27. Most of life comes down to breaking the rules. Causing “Trouble”. If you do things just like everyone else does, like everyone says you’re supposed to, guess what?

You’ll just be like everyone else.

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  1. Happy birthday.
    I count my adult life as starting at 27 because that is when I finally got my head out of the clouds. You’re way ahead of where I was.
    I won’t bore you with endless advice from my extra decade or so. Just some essentials which you perhaps already know but your readers might not:
    – have an emergency fund of 6-12 months living expenses in cash
    – invest regularly in an index fund right now. Even putting in a little bit will make you heaps happy when you’re an old bastard like me
    – there’s a lot of shit still to go wrong. The ability to survive hardship is the most important strength you’ll ever need

  2. Great Article! My favourite has always been in “breaking the rules”. You have to ask yourself if the rules are in your favor or not. If not, choose your own way. Go for what you want and as they say, always assume permission unless told otherwise

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