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24 Reasons Why You Should Leave California

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I try not to throw too much debby-downer content on to this blog, but after returning from Budapest I’m finding myself slightly depressed. Therefore, this seemed appropriate.

Why You Should Leave California

1. The weather is too good sometimes. I know, this sounds ridiculous. But the lack of bad days means you never appreciate the good ones. In Budapest it was 70 degrees every day. And people were so happy about it. In California, it’s just another day at the office.

2. Last call is at 2:00am 1:30am. What a joke.

3. Traffic is horrendous, and there’s absolutely no public transportation. If Los Angeles had the public transit of New York City, I wouldn’t be writing this point. But here, I’m forced to live in the most expensive area of the city so I don’t have to sell my soul sitting in my car everyday, and that’s in addition to slowly dying in my cubicle. San Diego is not as bad. San Francisco is horrendous, too. Why you’d live anywhere else in California, I don’t know.

4. Fake people. How many times has someone told you they’d love to hang out and then nothing ever happened? California is the land of flakes.

5. California is as expensive as hell. That’s the price for the weather.

6. Liberal. I’ve written about them before – not a fan.

7. Illegal aliens have invaded a good junk of the SoCal region. I don’t have a problem with them coming if they do the paperwork and do their part to contribute to our society. I do have an issue with them sponging off us and my tax dollars going towards supporting them.

8. Homeless people. See point #7 – same reasons apply.

9. Hollywood, which everybody around the world worships. I’ll never understand why.

10. Stockton.

11. Oakland.

12. Gay people. I’m not opposed to gay marriage at all, but I am tired of having it shoved down my throat here.

13. It’s far from the beautiful women of Europe.

14. Prius drivers. Granted, there are shitty drivers everywhere in the world, but Prius drivers take the cake and they’re rampant here.


15. So. Many. Men. Online dating isn’t a bad option, simply because the clubs are always packed full with four dudes for every girl. I found New York City to be much better. This isn’t to say that you can’t have success with night game in California. You certainly can. Just prepare yourself for a lot of nights of sighing to yourself and saying, “Not this sausagefest again.”

16. You must have a car. Maybe you could get by without one in San Francisco, but you sure as hell can’t down in Southern California. Not that having a car is a bad thing, but it’s the fact that you simply can’t survive without one.

17. LAX.

18. The 405.

19. The reputation California has is simply too great. Many people in the U.S. and throughout the world think of California has the best place on the planet – how could it ever live up to the expectations?

20. The salaries don’t scale. Yes, I make more than someone working the same job in Nebraska. However, this doesn’t make up for the fact that my living expenses are probably four times higher than an engineer in Nebraska. The numerical value of salaries seems awfully high, but doesn’t scale that well towards the cost of living.

21. Because of #20, the rat race is in full effect here. Always gotta buy more stuff, make more money. It’s hard to get out.

22. This might be repetitive, but the cities themselves are completely overrated. San Francisco is over-running with cock and IT nerds. Los Angeles is mostly disgusting and it takes you an hour to go five miles. Sacramento, where I grew up, is probably gets the highest, “Why is THAT city the capitol?” questions of anywhere in the U.S. I do like San Diego for the most part, but I could easily write another post like this with specific things I don’t like.

23. The women are getting fatter by the day.

24. The women are getting more entitled by the day.

Despite the above, I do have one positive thing to say about California: it’s a great place to get some reps in. Whether that be with approaching women and dating, trying to get ahead in your career, or sometimes even just trying to rent an apartment. California is tough because of the high demand, and at one point or another it will probably chew you up and spit you out. Granted, it’s no New York City, but California is not a walk in the park either.

It’s having been born and raised, and now having lived here my whole adult life – I’ve finally realized that I will want to move on at some point. Where that next place is, I don’t know. But thank you, California.

The sunshine state has gotten to the point I’ve realized the sun shines brighter in other places.

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  1. Come to Dallas, we have horrible Lexus drivers. Straight Christians get shoved down your throat here. (I have no problems with straights…but sheesh.) Housing costs are rising because you all keep moving here. And you never really know what the weather is going to be like from day to day. Mostly 100+ degrees, but could be ice tomorrow. (traffic and no public transportation, too.) Traffic’s getting worse because…again…all you Californians are moving here.

      1. This is hilarious. Yes, please go to Texas. They don’t want you either. You forgot 25: “Having been educated by the California school system, you are now an uneducated hick, don’t understand the nature of a commonwealth, and might as well leave the state to join others speeding the rapid descent of the republic.”

  2. Agree with everything stated in the article! But I know some parts of California have to take the wrath of the California stereotypes that don’t deserve the stereotypes. The Northern part above Sacramento County should be a new state called Jefferson! Southern California is doomed, it’s basically Mexico. Some parts near LA are basically China.

  3. What kind of a fucktard idiot wrote this bigoted and highly unintelligent article? Sounds like a pussy who can’t get himself a real job.

  4. DH and I are native Californians. We are preparing to move and looking at several different states and out of the US to move to. Sad to say, the only good thing about CA these days is the weather and the few good, decent people still there. This is not enough of a reason to stay and with the idiot lib and socialist people in leadership in the state, it will only get worse. We will open another new business when we relocate. CA makes it almost impossible for small business to open and succeed; that’s part of our reasons to leave. When the last legit American leaves, please take the flag with you so it can be preserved in some museum. For those who stay, God help you all. You need it.

        1. Dear Tracy, I grew up in California and then went to the Virgin Islands, left there due to major hurricane. I have lived in Florida since on the west coast in a small fishing village, bought my small Victorian house for $16,000 near a river to the Gulf, it is a small drinking village with a fishing problem. There are shrimp boats manatees, dolphins, alligators, thousands of tropical birds, jungle, nice people, little crime, low prices at the store and no phony people. Real Estate is low priced and river front houses are $200,000. It is 60 miles to Tampa and there are museums there and also in Ocala and Gainsville. It is very quiet and beautiful, like Jamaica. I am thinking of moving to Marin Co. Ca. but hesitant because do not have big money, have small cute house with pool land jungle surrounding it and would not get that in Marin Co.

  5. Glad to see that it’s not just me, wanting to leave the state. I was bullied out of my state job by high-level state dems, and have struggled job-wise, since. I now juggle two low-paying part-time jobs to make up for not being able to find decent full-time employment. Managing to survive, but the people here are not great. The men are just as fake & untrustworthy as the women. How is anyone supposed to find happiness amongst the muck? Ugh. Anyway…glad to see I’m not the only one.

  6. People are fucked up everywhere you go. I’m hanging in here because this is my native state and I feel the Democratic Party is going to fuck themselves and we will have order restored here.

    1. Really don’t get the native CAn’s that won’t leave just cuz it’s their home state regardless how tuff (esp financ’ly) things are. No curiosity about the rest of the great USA? No sense of adventure? Too chicken or what? But then again, it IS better for the rest of USA if all things CA just STAY in CA forever

  7. Commuted to ca from Ore for 7 years, covered 6 other states w that job. Had friends in all other states but ca. Swore I’d never move there, wife’s job brought us to ca 5 years ago and I can’t wait to get the he— out. So fake so nobody can be friends as you might be better off than them. Garage door state, 5 years and we have neighbors we’ve never spoke too. Really time to go life is to short for this crap hole.drugs on every street corner. Liberals have screwed another state. I think all who attended Woodstock are now running the GOVERNMENT

    1. Haha Love the set fire comment. Agree. CA blows. Too many idiots so full of themselves they don’t even know they’re idiots. Grew up w/ no-nonsense/good plain folks in the Midwest, chased my dreams to CA but totally disillusioned 10 yrs later. There are TONS of better/AFFORDABLE places to live that are governed with common sense I will happily be moving to one…

      1. I’ll be leaving soon, just haven’t decided where yet. Even San Luis Obispo county sucks now, and I never thought it would. I do feel good about signing the petition to recall Gavin Newsom though. ; )

        1. Ya, San luis was a nice spot. I have lived here about 35 years. But now it”s going like the rest of our once great state. I been looking to move on, I don’t where yet? When I do find a place, I will not say where I from.

  8. Move to Eastern Tennessee it addresses most of your problems with Cali. Stay away from Memphis and Nashville. Knoxville!! That’s where I’m headed. You’re on point on your reasons.

  9. I am the only one of three daughters NOT born in CA, THANK GOD! I want out SO BAD, but my son doesn’t want to leave. It’s currently Feb 2019 and CA not going to get better with Newsom at helm, but no one will do anything to oust him via rampant midterm voter fraud! You can’t get Californians to do ANYTHING to get state back! Spoiled, LAZY, democrats = entitled!

  10. I agree with all of these reasons, but may I add more to the fake people? Besides fake people being flakes here, they are also backstabbers who pretend to be your friend and take advantage of you before discarding you. Gay men use newbies and discard them, men use girls and discard them, girls use men and discard them, people just use people and discard them in California. People act nice to your face and talk badly about you behind your back. Your so called friends in California always say they are too busy to hang out but they make posts of themselves hanging out with other friends. California isn’t only the land of the flakes, it is the land of the toxic humans.

    1. You pretty much nailed it…easily the fakest people in the world. And it’s by far the worst in Los Angeles.

    2. I am amused when people say that California people are “fake”. And that the only good people are transplants. I’m an SD native and there are a lot of good people here…and not so good people…just like in the whole world.

      People tell you they are “too busy to hang out” and so you Facebook stalk them to see what they are doing?

      You need to work on yourself…

      Toughen up, Buttercup!

  11. Say what you will but there is still nowhere in the world like it. (You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave). I think Abraham Lincoln said that.

  12. Kyle,
    Your blog was very entertaining!! I googled reasons why California sucks and this blog was listed.
    I recently moved back to So Cal after being away for 10 years between Texas and Nevada. I’m sad to say this, but I hate California. My husband and I moved back so that our kids will get to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. ( bec god forgive our families ever leave this expense ass state)
    The list of hate is much longer than the list of like.
    My list of hate includes:
    1. Public schools are CRAP!
    2. Transportation is CRAP!
    3 School lunches are also crap according to my kids so they refuse to buy it. They rather have a ham and cheese sandwich from home. It’s funny how lunch is over 3 dollars in CA and it’s horrible. Good thing the kids who quality for free lunches eat that crap! (TX lunch is 1.25 btw)
    4. Traffic is ridiculous and I don’t even live in LA.( My road rage is increasingly getting worse every time I’m behind the wheel)
    5. Gas prices, I can’t even explain the rage those prices give me since I used to pay 40 dollars for a full tank and now I’m paying 80+.
    6. Taxes
    7. Rude people
    8. Food prices are inflated.
    9. Job market
    10. Child care is 2x more expensive (2 working parent household)

    No amount of money is enough money in California and we make very good money.

    The list goes on and on!

    I want to like it in California, but after seeing how other cites and states have it better, it’s really hard.

    I completely understand why you left. I wouldn’t be back here if it wasn’t for my kids to know their family.

    I feel California is eating away at their people as if they want everyone to fail and live off 2 grand a year and claim food stamps, free school lunches, free healthcare, free housing, everything free if you decide to be a loser to society.

    Way is California going to SHIT!?!?!?

    1. You make some great points. Thanks for your comment – I will likely use it in a future post. Thanks for the kind words!

  13. I’m feeling real happy I moved out of my native state last year. I totally agree with all of you on all the reasons. I was middle class conservative and I just can’t make ends meet there with housing prices. That last ten years has changed so much in all avenues. I lived and grew up in southern Cali. Have two children and experienced the public schools systems in many so called TOP school districts from Murrieta, Torrey Pines, and Redondo Beach and all of them are not worth it. From high amount of drugs going around to bullying to terrible liberal teachers not teaching or slamming liberal ideas in the classroom. My daughter would video or photo what was happening because I couldn’t believe it. Parents don’t even know what is going on. My daughter felt ostracized with her conservative views in these high schools and was forced to agree with these ideas in her assignments just so she would get that grade and or not be singled out. Luckily she doesn’t agree with it but knew how to play it just to pass. No brainwashing her. Lol If I had the money to put her in private I would have. I’m in Nevada now and just got employed with a full time full benefits. Can’t find that in Southern Cal especially at my age. Now I know my family and I have a chance at surviving in a more affordable place. Who cares about weather anymore. It’s about saving money and seeing your dollar last. And my younger son has no problem adjusting to the schools out here. He is doing very well in his classes. I don’t go by how schools are rated anymore. Anyways, glad to move on from Cali. Good luck to all that do!

  14. My husband and I are leaving Southern CA as soon as escrow closes. I lived in CA when I was a kid, it was great so I moved back. Sadly, I’ve watched the steady decline brought about by the leaders in Sacramento and their stupid laws (Kamala Harris legalized underage prostitution, yes she did!) I’ve had enough of the filth, crime, traffic, taxes, homeless, government (it’s ok to shoot up on the street but I can’t have straw?), illegal immigration welfare, etc. Wait until prop13 and they extort more property taxes – there will be a mass exodus. Well, Californa can get the hell out of my pocket. Hello Idaho! (my home state) Bye bye Calitopia, you suck! I hope never to return.

  15. Kyle- you say it all so clearly and with such humor!
    I was born in SF the pit hole today…live in Sac foothills now which is beautiful..however we still have liberals ruining and running our state. I ONLY stay for family. Period. Plus as a senior its hard to pull up and leave.. So glad you left and everyone i know wants out too.. taxes crime homeless cost of living and rude selfish people etc..

    Thanks for great article and health and happiness to you.

  16. I’m born & raised in Ca. I’m 51 now & I have to agree with everything you wrote. I’m not a racist, I too think gay people can get married & have a good happy life. I too don’t want it shoved down my throat. I am a conservative white educated single female & think Ca is on a destructive path. Unfortunately the homeless problem is out of control. Money should be spent on housing them with agreements to follow the rules. Getting help for mental illness is a must & those who chose to be homeless should still work. Why do they supply the drug users with needles? There is no where to shower or use bathroom facilities either. Why should homeless people get a pass on littering too? Volunteers clean up their trash but the next day it’s back to leaving trash.
    I would suggest people get out of Ca if they can. I took a chance, left friends & family & I moved last June to Utah. My daughter, son in law & grandkids took a huge chance & came with me. We live in a big beautiful home that was they same price of my Ca home. It’s just bigger with an awesome neighborhood. We love it here along with the people. So many rumors about Utah but not true! They’ve been amazing! Utah has beautiful mountains like Ca, weather is perfect , big families do to their LDS beliefs & much more relaxed on laws here. I don’t see homeless people living on any streets bc they aren’t allowed. Do research on states bc you’ll find better places to live.
    Thank you for having this conversation it’s so important. I do miss friends & family but honestly I didn’t see them much when I was living in Ca. That’s the one thing why people don’t or can’t move. Take a chance!

  17. I’ve heard good things about Idaho. But I won’t make much there in commercial Hvac. I’ll probably keep saving and bail before my kids are in the joke of a schools system here in Cali.

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