Last updated: September 13, 2017

22 Relationship Commandments You Need To Follow



1.) The number of sex partners a girl has had will significantly factor into how she will bond to you. To be honest, the word “bonding” is often overused when it comes to N-count discussions. I “bond” with my buddies over drinks. But think of it this way – a girl who has been with 20 men, and has had orgasms with 10 of them isn’t going to be all that impressed with your G-spot skills.

Give a girl the first orgasm of her life and she’ll be enamored with you.

2.) You can apologize, but don’t make it a big deal. If you fuck up, say so – and then move on. No further discussion.

3.) To follow up to #2 – never ever buy flowers or do some other beta action to cement your apology.

4.) The time to do things like buy flowers is when she least expects it, or to reward her. Yes, women are dogs.

5.) Keep backup options/keep the skills sharp. If you break things off with you, you should have the ability to get another woman into your bed within 24 hours. You should still approach; you don’t have to go out with these women.

6.) If she ever threatens you or gives you an ultimatum, do not hesitate to call her bluff. Because, #5.

7.) It’s ridiculous, but if you do something nice for her like plan a trip – she’ll test you to hell until that date. Giving women any sort of security blanket turns them into a pain in the ass.

8.) Don’t hesitate to threaten her into canceling said trip if it comes to it. Be willing to go through with it if you deem it necessary.

9.) Show your anger. It makes the vagina moist.

10.) If she ever uses sex as a weapon, punish swiftly or kick her out of your life. Depending on how good of a girl she is, you can explain that’s not acceptable and give her a chance to never do it again.

11.) On the flip side, don’t hesitate to turn her down for sex once in a while – even if it’s just for shits and giggles. The reactions are priceless. Don’t do this too often though.

12.) Fuck her good. If she can walk straight after, you didn’t do a good enough job.

13.) Always demand she bring you food, gifts, etc. Reward her with a good pounding when she does. Actually, I would say this one applies better to fuckbuddies/harem girls than relationships – but a girl in a relationship should still be doing shit for you. All. The. Time.

14.) Teach her things. Guitar. How to cook. How to mix drinks. Anything that puts you in a position of authority.

15.) If she thinks you’re cheating…let her hamster run wild. It beats her thinking you can’t get pussy anywhere else.

16.) You should be doing the majority of the driving when you guys go places. Except when she’s your DD, of course.

17.) Tell her what to wear. Don’t hesitate to make her change if you’re not pleased with her choice.

18.) Keep guy time sacred.

19.) If you’re a bit of a cad, she’ll probably “hate” your friends. Especially when she sees your friends pickup and bang a cutie on a night you invited her out with them for the first time. Prepare to be questioned to death every time you spend time with those friends.

20.) In regards to #19…fucking with her a bit is good fun.

21.) She must never be the most important thing in your life.

22.) Yes, many of these points are hypocritical. Example: she can’t use sex as a weapon, but you can deny her sex just for the hell of it. Sorry to say it, but this is the way the world works. Women are born with a slit between their legs that affords them many privileges in life. It’s up to you to game them and knock them off that pedestal.

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