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Are Argentinian Women the Most Beautiful In the World?

If you like girls who look like models, (who doesn’t) you’ll see plenty in as you head to the furthest Southern parts of South America. Argentinian women are the Ukrainian women of Latin America.

Walking around certain areas of Buenos Aires or Mendoza feels like being in Milan, Italy during fashion week.

Notice I said see plenty of model-esque Argentinian women.

If you’re quick of the draw you’ll also notice I mentioned Italy. These themes of admiring beauty from afar and a ties to Europe come up time and again when explaining Argentinian girls.


Argentinian women (and people) think of themselves as born in Latin America but bred in Europe. Walk around Buenos Aires one afternoon and take a look at the architecture, food, dress, etc.

Like the Spanish, Argentinians have dinner late: around 9-10pm. After digesting the meal, they’ll start making their way to the bar around midnight or 1am.

To simplify this article, any opinions you may have heard about Italian AND Spanish women can also be applied to Argentinian women.

Now that you have a brief understanding of the culture and mindset, I’m sure you want to know more about those model looks…


Argentina is a nation of immigrants. Everybody you meet in Argentina will proclaim to be German-Argentine, Italian-Argentine, Spanish-Argentine, etc. Nobody is Argentine-Argentine. This gives you a taste of some of the genetic mixes you’ll see. Tall, blonde Germans mixed with olive skinned Mediterranean—for pure aesthetics it’s a geneticist’s dream.

There is almost a complete absence of morenas in Argentina—any you see will be Brazilian. Nor will you see any indigenous girls – any you see will be Peruvian or Bolivian.

In contrast to the bubble-butts you’ll drool over on the beaches of Rio or the streets of Medellin, Argentine girls are thinner and model-like. The Mediterranean genes and diet keep those piernas looking long and shapely. It’s rare to see the typical curvy Latina in Argentina—another reasons they consider themselves born on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

Just like the Italians, Argentines are obsessed with fashion so you’ll need to look sharp—not to display wealth but to not look out of place.


With so few Asians or Blacks in Argentina, caucasians will be sources of fascination. However, any brothas out there will still do better to visit either Brazil, Mexico City or the DR to date hotter women.

The guys who are really at the bottom of the attraction totem pole in Argentina are Peruvians, Paraguayans and Bolivians, etc.

Why guys complain about Argentina being difficult for players

I’ve met many a Latina-lover on my travels who has chewed my ear off about Argentine women being hard work. In fact, it’s not just gringos who have it tough, Argentine guys go to Brazil because Brazilian women are easier.

This may be the same reason Spanish men become the sex pests of Eastern Europe and Italian men become the whoremongers of the Dominican Republic, but I digress.

Below are the prime factors behind their gripes:

1. The personality of Argentine women

Catholic guilt about being sexual, the importance of social circles and a culture that always aims to be refined and debonair. No getting trashed on tequila shots at the club and making out with multiple guys on a Friday night for these Argentinian women.

This isn’t just the women. I was cock-blocked hard by an Argentine guy who wouldn’t let me get with a girl or even have her number because she was a “nice girl” and he didn’t want her ruined by a gringo passing through.

Israel, if you are reading this—fuck you.

2. Zero White God Factor

The majority of females in Latin America worship white skin and caucasian features—Peruvian women, Mexican girls, Brazilian women. They all think of white guys as gods.

All except Argentina. Guys who kill it in Peru but can’t get a date to save their life in Argentina.


I can sympathize with the guys who were frustrated by Argentine girls. However I’ve always found it easier to change myself rather than an entire country and it’s culture so here is my advice:

If you have visited (or are from) Spain or Italy, and you have done really well with the women in those countries, you can be confident in racking up some notches with Argentinian women.

I cracked the code once I got out of Buenos Aires and headed south to Patagonia—see below for places to visit.

What you need to be able to consistently bed beauties in Argentina:

  1. Spanish skills
  2. Argentine friends: Building social circles is not that difficult because Argentine guys are friendly
  3. Game

In that order. Notice I didn’t mention wealth, as money is not as important as it would be in Colombia, Venezuela or the Dominican Republic (or across the pond with Russian girls). Argentina and Chile are the only two countries in Latin America with a large middle class so gold-digging behavior is rare.

Besides, the Argentine economy is always on the verge of collapsing so nobody has any cash.


Buenos Aires

Stay in Palermo. The city has one saving grace: if you strike out with the local girls, there are plenty of traveling Brazilians, Paraguayans, Chileans, etc. to hunt. Argentinian women in Buenos Aires will have the best in English-levels in the country also.

In theory, BA would be an ideal city: attractive, slim and well dressed women, nightlife than goes until 6am, amazing steak. However you only get to look not touch and it feels like living in Paris or Rome where the people are just as unfriendly.

If your Spanish is muy bueno, I recommend forgoing BA and heading to these places:


A Goldilocks-size city: not too small, not too big. Large college town means it’s a day game goldmine. Just don’t go in January- school’s out.

Bonus Tip: Stay in the “Nueva Cordoba” area.


Argentines say that the hottest girls in the country are from Rosario. I remember Mexicans telling me that the most beautiful women in Mexico came from Jalisco and Spaniards telling me the same about Andalusia. I’ve tested all of these theories and found them to be urban myths.


The smallest and cheapest place on this list. Small-town feel means people are friendlier. There’s plenty of hiking and wine tours to keep you busy if you don’t have dates lined up.


Latin American Cupid works better in Argentina than in Brazil and Colombia because there are are no competing sites (Colombian Cupid or Brazil Cupid) so all the best female talent will be concentrated on one site.

Because day game is tough and night game is even tougher in Argentina, focus heavily on online game and target the girls who are gringo chasers. These are the girls with Tinder and Cupid profiles written in English.

I also had good response rates using Badoo but it’s dying as Tinder takes over.


argentinian girls

Argentine girls are very social and are difficult to extract from the group so work on social proof: don’t walk around alone, approach groups and charm her friends. Also hint that you are living permanently in the country and have a good job.

As in most of LA, drop cocky game and work social circle and gentleman game. Keep teasing to a minimum.

Show an interest in her culture by telling her things you love about Argentina. Argentine egos are like overweight cats: large and easy to be stroked.

Open in English to make it clear you are foreign. If there is one thing Argentine girls hate more than being approached by foreign guys it’s being approached by thirsty local guys. So make sure she knows you’re not Argentine in a heartbeat—not easy to do because most locals are white.


I had very little success with night game in Argentina and got frustrated. Then I switched to expat bars and language exchange meet ups. The quality dropped significantly but I had more fun. Sometimes you have to prfioritize having fun above trying to pull hot chicks.

If you don’t want to take my advice and give it a try, go to Terrazas Del Este and Jet Lounge in Buenos Aires. They both fairly close to each other.


argentinian women

Argentina is for veteran players of the game. Guys who have their lifestyle and language skills down and have become immune over the years to hot-cold games and rejection.

If Peru is the introductory class for Latina Lovers, Argentina is the final exam. Do you have the huevos and Spanish skills to approach groups? Do you have an iron chin that allows you to keep approaching in spite of multiple harsh rejections and put downs?

Capturing your Argentine flag will be difficult on a short trip because Argentinian women don’t put out that easily. You’d do better to investing a bit of time and building a social circle.

The long game is the name of the game with Argentine women.

Or head to your nearest hostel and find a girl from Argentina. They drop their inhibitions significantly when they leave the motherland.

Buena suerte,
– El Conquistador

PS: The best dating site in Argentina is Latin American Cupid. For both short and long trips, using it is an absolute must. You can sign up here.

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