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Lessons From The Richest Man I Ever Met

What is success? A reader writes in to share some thoughts… I believe success to be like a fine musk. It follows you around; the deeper & more aromatic it is – the more sensual the partners it helps attract. You can normally tell the level someone’s playing at by the context through which they do […]

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Is Internet Business Ethical…At All?

I thought I’d take the time today to talk a bit about internet business ethics, because it’s something many, many people are split about. Here’s one thing you must understand: We live in a generation where basically everybody has what would have been classified as ADHD 30 years ago. Things change EXTREMELY quickly. What is hot one […]

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What It’s Like Living In Kyiv, Ukraine

Some people think I’m nuts for living here in Kyiv, Ukraine. Especially the local Ukrainians. “Why on earth would you leave California to come here?”, they wonder, not mincing words at all. My family has long accepted it. They just get worried when Ukraine implements something like martial law because, well, Russia. And yeah, sometimes […]

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Introducing Trouble Times

A reader asked me to elaborate on whatever exactly is inside my new newsletter offering, so here it is… “Trouble Times” is simply my absolutely best premium content in a paid format. I’m doing this because knowing exactly how much I’m going to be bringing in for it, every month, is an extremely powerful move […]

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Ukrainian Elections! (Trouble #066)

In today’s podcast, I cover Ukraine’s elections and discuss what the heck else might happen next in this crazy country… Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Stitcher | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | RSS If you enjoy the podcast, please leave an honest review here. Mentioned & Relevant:  The old President’s house About the TV show […]

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The Tools From 6-Figures to 7 Are Different

Photo taken in Doha, Qatar… Reader Phil writes in to ask… “Seriously, appreciate your content though. If you consider making a post these days on how your income’s been evolving recently and from what sources, that’d be really cool.” It’s an excellent question and one that I’ll answer with a few grains of salt thrown […]

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