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Why “Game” Companies Are Generally Hogwash

I received this email in regards to longer-term commitment. Not only with girls, but with life in general. Have a read:

One of the things your emails gets me thinking about is the value of long-term commitment – to your own, hard goals – and how scarce it seems to be coming in the West.

This doesn’t apply to you but ironically I think this is one reason a lot of men get into PUA or dating abroad. It comes with a “quick fix” allure – also the allure that you can protect yourself by never becoming emotionally vulnerable to a girl who might leave you again. Maybe that partly explains your frustration with some of the guys you’ve interviewed.

I think the reality is that, inasmuch as building a business is a long term commitment, pick up itself is a long-term developed skill – and so is relationship building (inasmuch as the two seem to be in strong conflict much of the time for many people).

PUA is all about the quick fix.

Get laid NOW.

Get a date TONIGHT.

Get married NEXT MONTH.

You know the drill.

Plus, PUA companies in general are dependent on items like boot camps to keep them afloat. Those are the real money-makers, the $5k for a weekend seminars.

(Business people should be taking notes.)

So, their entire business model depends on you coming back for more training.

As far as The Girlfriend Blueprint is concerned, I’d be tickled pink if it was the last thing you ever bought from me and I never heard from you again because you found a decent girl.


The quick-fixing applies to just about everything in life. Humans are lazy creatures, there’s no way around it. And, the good news, is that it’s easy to be exceptional simply by the mere nature of not being lazy. But, you know what I mean.

Get rich overnight schemes.

A six pack in six minutes a day.

etc, etc.

There’s a multi-billion-dollar industry at the heart of people’s laziness and wanting a quick fix.

None of them work.

That’s why I believe courses like GFBP, which are NOT quick fixes, can definitely “enhance” (read: not FIX) people’s lives.

Doing the work?

It’s up to you.

It’s up to you to see if you’re man enough…to follow through.

PS: From here on out, I’ll be posting all of my business-related content on KyleTrouble.com while this blog stays on the topic of dating and travel.

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