Scammers For A Quick Buck - This Is Trouble

Scammers For A Quick Buck

Allow me a moment of very raw honesty right now.

Here’s the thing:

“The Girlfriend Blueprint” launched this week. I firmly believe it is a high-quality product. I also believe it is not a “sexy” product. I know it is not a “quick” product. Everything about it is reasonable and does require actual hard work and dedication.

Why I’m frustrated:

Because deep down, I know I could have done better.

Not better from the course perspective, actually.

And certainly not ethically better.

But yes…I could have made more money.


Glad you asked.

It’s very simple, actually.

It would have been a small matter of changing a few words around here and there.

Instead of saying “hard work”, I could have said “near-instant results”.

Instead of “committing and working hard towards your goal”, I could have said, “this will change your life overnight towards by showing you how to unlock your deepest desires.”

But, Yours Troubly simply does not roll that way.

Never have.

And while I’ve no doubt been tempted, hopefully never will.

I’ve been doing this for nearly six years now. I have seen a lot of people come and go during this time. I am still standing here – over half a decade later.

And that’s because I’ve always tried to price my products fairly, been reasonable about what you can expect out of them, and have never resorted to pushing the line ethically sales tactics just in order to hit a revenue goal.

Yes, that has lost me money in the short term.

But gained me much more in the long term.

And really, life is a long term play.

Just like GFBP.

It’s completely a long term play.

It’s designed to help you build a way to get one decent, high-quality girl in your life, perhaps so you can have a family, or just have someone by your side.

But it’s certainly not going to happen overnight.

And I’d be lying to you if I did.

And if I did that, who knows.

Maybe I wouldn’t be here in another six years.

All I know is this:

If you put in the work, like GFBP…

You will (usually) get what you want.

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent a little today.

Here’s the link if you’d like to enroll in GFBP during this exclusive launch week.

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