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Why Does Lasagna Make Women So Hysterical?

If you take a look at my Twitter feed right now, you will see that the feminist freaks have come for my head again…

Here’s the tweet that did it:

For those of you who weren’t around last September, one single tweet did 15 million impressions in the course of a few days. I also made a good chunk of cash from doing a sale on my old dating products.

Well, it’s happening again.

Except this time, my playbook is even more advanced.

Case in point:

I QUADRUPLED the number of signups for “The Girlfriend Blueprint” event overnight.

Sure, some are probably trolls.

But, it’s also a ton of men who are now going to get the raw, uncensored truth that many men in today’s world MUST know and comprehend. Despite the deep nature of that last sentence, you can rest assured it’s going to be a fun, informative event. In fact, my webinar guy has asked that I come up with one or two good stories and share them live.

Twitter Timeout

Well, as of today I am now sitting in a week long Twitter Timeout while I think about the means thing I said to a literal internet thot (a stripper account on Twitter)…

It’s hilarious. There are literally hundreds of comments being directed at me telling me I am in incel living in mom’s basement, that I am the world’s biggest asshole, and plenty of other “mean” things.

And yet…

I tell a literal online whore one measly little mean thing…


Goodbye for a week.

Here’s a screenshot of the exact tweet.

Okay, first and foremost, honestly, how true is this?

You gotta ask yourself what kind of girl has to go to TWITTER to take her clothes off and get money instead of going on Instagram. Twitter truly is the amateur leagues of hot girls on the internet. The best looking one’s are over on IG and growing massive followings.

Anyways, moving on:

If we’re being honest though, it’s probably a good thing.

It means I can put the finishing touches on the “Girlfriend Blueprint” product and make the presentation for the live event even better than it already is.

I’ve gotten lots of questions about what’s going to be going on with it this week, so I’ll be preparing a short FAQ email for later this week.

  • Just know that yes, there will be a paid product pitch at the end of it
  • It’s less expensive than most of my recent offers
  • I’m laying out a “system” (best I can) to actually teach you how to find and keep a decent girl in the ever-more-bizarre dating market that men currently have to navigate

(Full of land mines, as the above tweets + ban show perfectly)

Anyways, if you haven’t signed up yet, do so here.

If you have…

Can’t wait to see you there.

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