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Thoughts About Settling Down

You might ask, and rightfully so, why I’ve gone from creating a course like my old “Harem Handbook” offering to “The Girlfriend Blueprint” in just a few short years. Simply put, like my business, I like things simple. I don’t particularly want to manage dozens or hundreds of employees. And, same applies for girls. Pretty […]

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Why Does Lasagna Make Women So Hysterical?

If you take a look at my Twitter feed right now, you will see that the feminist freaks have come for my head again… Here’s the tweet that did it: If your girlfriends “best dish” is turning on the microwave for a Lean Cuisine lasagna, p dump her in the trash along with that lasagna. […]

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Why FB & I going to war again is good for you

Last year, when launching my olive oil company, Selo Oils, we hit the nightmare – Facebook blocked our website, completely. Then our Instagram was locked out. Then my personal Instagram account with 13,000 followers disappeared overnight. Recently, my main ThisIsTrouble site was blocked from being posted to Facebook. And now, Facebook is blocking my ads […]

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#056: The Actual Reason You Are Unhappy With Your Dating Life, and How My Entire Perspective Changed in 2 Key Moments

In today’s episode, I tell some painful stories about my “awakening” moments regarding dating. One in college, with my first girlfriend (you’ll learn how men’s most painful fear – getting cucked – happened to me), and the other when I was a college senior and led to me typing some key words into Google… Mentioned […]

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100% of Women Exploit 100% of Men

One of my favorite readers, who goes by the name of “The Didact”, chimed in a month or so back with an excellent comment about longer-term relationships. It’s so good, I’ve been holding on to it like Gollum in order to use it for The Girlfriend Blueprint Webinar. Take it away, D… “A big part of […]

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#053: American Style Dropshipping

In today’s show, I touch bases on the recent anti-Dropshipping sentiment sweeping through the online business sphere. I don’t really have an issue with DS as a model per se, I just don’t think it’s sustainable long term. The answer, as usual…is to do the hard work over time. Build a real business. Something like […]

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Travel Is NOT That Expensive…

“Travel is too expensive!” This is a ridiculous argument in today’s world. I just saw round trip Austria to Los Angeles flights for $217. People don’t actually want to travel if they think it’s too expensive. They just love the idea. And really, this is just human nature. Dream, dream, dream, never take action. Travel gets […]

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