California Is Dying a Slow Death - This Is Trouble

California Is Dying a Slow Death

Here’s a potentially very popular, or unpopular, opinion:

California cities = completely overrated.

  • San Francisco is over-running with IT nerds.
  • Los Angeles has the poison of Hollywood, takes you an hour to go five miles.
  • Sacramento:
    • “Why is THAT city the capitol?” – Everyone
  • San Diego is awesome, give ya that.

And yet, everybody wants to go to California. People are still moving into the state in record droves. Every person I talk to out here in Eastern Europe gives me the, “oooooh, California!” speech, and generally speaking, it’s still looked up to as the Golden State.

Perhaps I’m biased because I grew up there, and it grew old on me. I was ready for a change. Wish I could say the same about the rest of my family, but they seem to think the world exists only between their home and their office.

Nothing that can be done, can it?

But, I’m going to go a bit deeper into things today.

It’s an important topic.

You see, we live in this bubble…and that bubble – well, it just might burst. You see it with the dating market. Online dating has changed the game. Young men now have a hell of a time settling down with a nice girl because she wants to play the field (and has no reason to settle).

In a state like California, your average white-collar worker has very little chance to buy a home, unless there’s multiple incomes involved, major family loans, or some other stroke of luck. Your average person making $75,000 a year is completely priced out of the California home market, unless he wants to go somewhere way out in the ‘burbs – fraught with it’s own problems.

It’s very important to do something as a man these days.

Because we don’t know how much longer things can sustain like this.

Especially with all the Trumped-up attention and tension that’s brewed up by all the folks that seem to want to bring back communism

That’s why you have to become free.

Financially free.

The ability to leave if you want to.

Or, if you need to.

Because that’s a possibility in our lifetimes (communism, that is).

California has often set the trends.

Hollywood culture has taken over the world.

Silicon Valley rules from atop their glass buildings, looking into our lives via our smartphone.

Who knows what California will brew up next.

But you owe it to yourself to give yourself a chance to not be part of it.

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