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What’s Actually Happening in Ukraine (From Someone There)

Thank you to those of you who sent me emails yesterday concerned with the situation in Ukraine — and the fact that I’m living here.

All I have to say is this:

It’s all good.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary in Kiev. The next snow wave is coming in, so people are naturally staying indoors more and more. That said, we don’t have the martial law imposed here. There will not be any impact on civil liberties or anything of the sort. I’m sure that’s NOT the case in cities that are in a bit more conflict in both the East and down near the Black Sea, but as far as the capital city, all is fine and dandy here.

I mean, the current president here has an approval rating of something like 8%, and while he decided to “only” impose martial law for 30 days, who knows how it might play out in the coming months with elections right around the corner. My Russian is good enough to order in restaurants and make a small bit of chit-chat. I’m glad it’s not good enough to understand a word on the news channels.

But, we’ve known they’re completely fake news for a while, haven’t we?

The hysteria is certainly overblown by the Western media.

But, I’m going to continue updating my Instagram with photos out and about in Kiev, so you can see for yourself what it’s like. Unfortunately, my last account was nuked without warning at 13,000…so go and follow this new one and return me to glory, will ya?

Here’s the link:


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