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The Black Pill of Business & Monetization

In the latest episode of the show, I go into details regarding Illimitable Man’s very good and fair post over on Reddit about monetization in the modern ‘Sphere. This will be the only “sticking my head” into this business, but you’re free to discuss fairly and rationally in the comments below (I’ll manually approve them). […]

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Why I’m The World’s Smartest Digital Nomad

Recently, email wizard and all-around decent bloke Ben Settle mentioned said the following about me in his email: The man I call the “World’s Smartest Digital Nomad”: “Email Players” subscriber Kyle Trouble. And really, I’d have to agree with ‘ol Ben here. I’m one smart chap. Here’s why, but first, let me say this: This […]

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The “Milk Bar” Effect

Here in Kiev, there’s a place that’s always poppin’ called “Milk Bar”. A few years ago, when I was first here, it was reasonably popular. It was almost always full, but you could actually show up and get a seat usually, and you could actually make a reservation. Flash forward to 2018: Impossible on both […]

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That fire burnin’ inside your entrepreneurinloins

Before I became a reasonably famous, always modest, professional niche site extraordinaire, and everything else you want to bestow upon Yours Troubly… I was a computer engineer – and a well paid one, at that! I was young, had a ton of money, a sweet car and apartment, and… I absolutely hated my life. Do […]

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