My Life Is Going Back to Normal - This Is Trouble

My Life Is Going Back to Normal


Many of you have been aware that I was forced to move countries recently due to visa issues. Then the feminist hate mob came after me. This is all while I was attempting to build a new course, and also trying to get Selo Oils off of the ground.

The good news?

My life is about to return to semi-normal.

I’ve moved countries, have a new apartment.

This has been the most successful year of my life so far, financially (this is why).

And also one of the most difficult.

Difficult because of the bullshit I’ve had to go through with visas, which are something I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

And, my health. Three sprained ankles, a week-long bout with food poisoning, and just some other things that just haven’t gone my way. Sometimes, that’s the way the universe wants to play. Again, it’s difficult to complain too much because I have been more than fortunate in other ways (mostly business), but there have certainly been bad parts, too.

So, here we are:

Moving forward as we reach what is truly the last quarter of 2018.

I’m going to accomplish all those things I’ve been meaning to, and that’s starting with Selo Oils. I keep putting off the pre-orders until we get all the materials (you would not believe how many different things go into this), but it’s coming. This weekend or next week.

I know, said it before. But really, we’re close. Promise.

Anyways, got a good question today I’m going to answer.

A reader writes in with a general question about actually — gasp — having a real job and living abroad, and the feasibility of it.

And while I’ve harped on this before, reality is that sometimes things must be said multiple times to make a point.

Here’s the Q:

“Hello, sir, hope that all is well. I have a question for you: Is it possible to live abroad, let’s say Central America, with just a high school education? Reason why I ask is because I want to move to a different country (I live in North America), but I’m not sure what jobs I could get as far as my education and being a foreigner. If you have any advice, tips, and suggestions, I will gladly appreciate them. Thank you.”

Is it POSSIBLE to live abroad?

Of course.

Even though you only have a high school education, there’s nothing stopping you from booking a one-way ticket to Central America. Not that I’d recommend that, on any level. But let’s get to the real meat of the question:

Is it POSSIBLE to get a job?

With only a high school education, you’d probably be left with manual labor work, which is definitely not something you want to be doing in a foreign country. Most certified English schools even want some sort of college degree, even if it’s in something completely stupid like Liberal Arts.

Or, at the least, they want a certification for TEFL or whatever the hell it is they call it these days.

But, listen up, as this is important:

Going abroad to be a worker bee, in the majority of cases, is just not worth it (read my business partner Martin’s take as to why). The work conditions are worse. The processes archaic. The pay is low. The entire reason to move abroad is to leverage a strong North American currency to get you more bang for your buck elsewhere in the world.

No sense in going abroad to get a local’s salary.

Then you’re just…a local.

In a second or third world country.

No bueno, amigo.

Now, if you can get a Western company to pay you a Western(ish) salary while you live abroad, maybe then you might want to consider. But you’re unlikely to get this with just a high school education, IMO.

That’s why, as per usual, it comes down to striking it out on your own…

Better to have your own business, where you can slack off all day and not be some foreign manager’s bi-yatch.

That’s the true path to freedom.

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