The Government Loves a Tasty Sh!t Sandwich - This Is Trouble

The Government Loves a Tasty Sh!t Sandwich

I’m going to share a hard story to tell today.

And I doubt it will elicit much pity.

Men do not get pity.

But here goes nothing, and there’s a lesson in it, so definitely keep reading.

I’m being more or less forced out of the current home base I’ve been in for the last nearly two years, due to circumstances completely out of my control. Government bureaucracy and their general bullshit has made life nearly impossible to handle. Short of playing really dirty with bribes and illegal work, things just cannot work here – for many reasons.

And yes, the government f****** sucks, everywhere.

And the lack of compassion most people have for their fellow human beings is unbelievable.

I think about how many people I’ve helped over the years, whether it just be an email, or consistently putting our good content, and it makes my blood boil when one government person making minimum wage decides to screw over people over because they enjoy their power.

At this rate, I can hardly say I’m upset at leaving.

The point is this:

My life is pretty good most days, I’m very fortunate. But, I’ve still got to eat shit sandwiches sometimes.

As much as I’d love to shove said sandwich down the government’s throat here, it’s ultimately me that’s got to eat it.

I’m also trying to keep in mind there are people out in the world who have it far, far worse than I do.

And it helps to keep perspective.

Now, moving on:

Helping my situation is that I have FU cash flow, and FU money in the bank. I’m going to have to eat a lot of shit, like I said. Losing a deposit on an expensive apartment. A landlord probably coming after me to pay at least a few months rent. Going to have to find a new place, put a deposit down, pay a broker to find me a place, etc, etc.

Plus, moving expenses.

All of this has surfaced within the last week.

I won’t go as far as saying it’s an emergency, but it’s unexpected.

Thankfully, I’ve built systems over the years.

Systems that will continue making me money while I handle my ordeals.

Systems that have put more than enough money in my bank that I can stomach the extra expenses.

Systems that will help me sleep at night, knowing that they are passively churning money, because I doubt I’ll be able to get much real work done over the next few weeks while this is sorted.

And that’s a good feeling to have.

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