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Episode #131: Stop Being So Needy!

In episode 131 of the show, I go on a few epic business rants about why being needy is killing you with girls, business, and much more… Mentioned in the show: Get a job: T-Solutions: Hire a VA: Subscribe: iTunes – RSS – PodBean – Google Play – Stitcher If you enjoy this podcast, leave a review for the show on […]

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The Latest Q&A

Today’s episode dives into a variety of Q&A questions about what makes women, travel, and general expat life tick. Many of these questions were answered in daily emails. If you’d like content like this delivered straight to your inbox, sign up at: Show notes: 4:12 – Kyle gets into the Q&A questions (mostly about […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Guatemalan Women

[This guest post about Guatemalan women is a guest post by Dating Dominican.] I understand why many men claim Guatemalan women aren’t the most attractive in Latin America. The average girl in Guatemala has a native, Mayan look to her that simply isn’t what most guys consider sexy. You don’t travel to meet average looking […]

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5 Quick Thoughts on Serbia and the Balkans

In the latest episode of Troublesome Radio (now on YouTube!), I dive into some quick thoughts on Belgrade, Serbia. I spent 15 days in Serbia recently, and while I enjoyed my time, I just don’t think the Balkans mesh with me as well as other places such as Ukraine, Poland, etc. Something about the region […]

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Dropshipping Flunks

In the latest episode of the show, I discuss my flunky and stupid dropshipping mistakes I’ve already made! If you’d like to get my continued updates and whatnot about my adventures in online business, subscribe to my daily business newsletter by clicking here.   Subscribe: iTunes – RSS – PodBean – Google Play – Stitcher If you enjoy this podcast, please […]

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