Blow in the Bathrooms of Belgrade - This Is Trouble

Blow in the Bathrooms of Belgrade

In episode #71 of the Dating Abroad Podcast, I welcome my good friend Papi Rico from the RooshVForum to the show.

Papi is a lifelong traveler who has been to what will be 105 countries this week, and has been with his fair share of girls in most of them. His experience and understanding of cultures, regions, and dating nuances is matched by very few people.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

• Two epic stories of our adventures in Belgrade this last weekend (plus his third after I left, which I share in the intro)

• What dating in Moscow is like, where he’s spent significant time (native Russian speaker)

• Major differences between Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia as far as dating and culture

• And much, much more…

It was a pleasure to have him on, and hopefully our paths will cross again soon for another live show.


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