The Ultimate Guide to Getting Girls with Instagram

In episode #097 of the show, I welcome Vinny from IGCasanova.com (links below) to the show. In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to leverage daygame to Instagram to meet girls + show instant social proof
  • Grow Instagram organically, or on steroids (I’ve gone from 300 to 5,000)
  • How to “slide into the DMs”
  • And much, much more.

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Mentioned in the show:

Check out Vinny’s service


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  • Stephen says:

    Does Vinny have any advice on getting into Oil and Gas? I’d be willing to pay for that info.

  • Vinny says:

    Well that depends on where are you from. Shoot me an e-mail at vinnyigcasanova@gmail.com

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  • PJ Pires says:

    You know what I never test but have a good feeling that will work?

    Become a little celeb in your city using Instagram to it.

    Could be a good thing to attract girls.

    But I’m in a mission so dont have time to it. But me thinks that is still a good idea.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      It’d probably depend on how big of a city.

      Small-ish, yeah – you could kill it.

      A big city like LA would be much harder.

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