TR 096: Why Being a Digital Nomad Blows

In episode 096 of Troublesome Radio, I talk about an amazing piece that my friend Vance from My Latin Life wrote a while back:

Make sure to read Vance’s post that this entire episode is based around.

All of the good, and bad, of being a digital nomad is discussed in great detail. This episode features my narration of the post as well as additional thoughts I have about the points he brings up.


Also, make sure you download this bonus checklist of must-know things before starting an online business.

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  • dallas says:

    You are so fucking redpill, I love your work. I appreciate that you are taking a personal approach to the digital age.
    I did NOT appreciate the pop up that I just received while typing this message, lol 🙂

    I’ll happily read your daily emails.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      Thanks man, appreciate that a lot. I’m in the middle of completely overhauling my entire site’s backend, so thanks for putting up with the construction!

  • mel says:

    Thanks for the info kyle. I like your style my brother,and I believe I will learn much from you! Peace, and thanks again! Keep making ‘trouble’.

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