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The Girls of Russia

I’ve been releasing a lot of content about Russia lately on some of my other endeavors.

Seeing as how Russia is one of the last “untouched” lands where guys can find truly feminine girls (largely thanks to the visa restriction which stops stag parties from hoping on an EasyJet flight for $25), it’s a place that maybe I shouldn’t cover.

But, I have.

First, I’ve begun hiring out work to fill out my niche site, Eastern European Travel. The site has continued to grow in traffic at the six-month mark, so I’ve decided to continue investing into it. Recently, I published a Russian Cupid review.

Second, I welcomed good friend Seth Rose of to the Dating Abroad Podcast recently to do two episodes about Russia. He has a great book out about dating in college, too. You can get your copy here.

In the first part of the 2-part episode, we discuss the language issue, what Russian women are like in comparison to the US, how to get the visa, and much more.

And in part 2, we discussed online dating in Russia, how to approach on the street, first date strategies, and much, much more…

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