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TR #094: How to Deal With Promiscuity in Modern Dating

In episode #94 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss what it’s like dealing with promiscuity in today’s modern dating world.

  • How do you get out of this mindset so that you are not always chasing?
  • How do you kill the part that thinks about the relationship shit and just focus on fun?
  • How do you deal with girls who have been gang-banged into orbit?

All of this, plus I drop the phrase “volcanic diarrhea” multiple times. You’ll have to listen to find out the why behind that!

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Modern society…

  • Encourages promiscuity
  • Punishes men who want relationships
  • Rewards women for NOT wanting that
  • Women do not want relationships with men who want relationships – REMEMBER THIS IF NOTHING ELSE.

So what do you do? Listen to find out…

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