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Why I Podcast

Okay, first off—I am breaking my promise of releasing a new episode of Troublesome Radio every Sunday. I am hoping this is going to be the last time.

Because, well—at the suggestion of a pretty smart businessman who I’ve been working with, I’ve niched down and started two new shows. The first one has been announced to my email list (), and the second one will be going out to them this upcoming week.

I recorded some 8+ episodes of these two new shows this week and just don’t have anything left in the tank for the main one. Both these shows are 2x weekly productions.

And so far, they’re going really great. So while my voice is toasted (and I’m recording two episodes about dating in Russia later today), it did get me thinking…

Why Do I Podcast?

The funny thing is, I have listened to very few podcasts in my life. I’ve made myself get into it as a way of making sure that my show is top-notch.

But, all the time, I get emails or comments saying how much someone enjoys my podcast. And then, I’ve actually had the pleasure to meet some of these people—they really do feel like they know me. And that’s pretty damn cool.

Even though I know nothing about them. It’s easy to see that my words (podcast or written) have had an impact on someone. And, after years of doing this, I do think there is something that really resonates with a podcast.

It’s being able to hear someone’s voice and personality that can’t be shown quite as clearly as words on a screen. For the record, I don’t edit my podcasts at all. I keep all the screw-ups in there.

  1. Because I’m lazy and don’t want to go through and edit, time is money.
  2. I like the authenticity of it.
  3. (I am looking to hire a podcast editor, but I’ll still want to keep the bad stuff in there.)

In anyways, thank you SO much for your continued reading and listening of Trouble.

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