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Hollywood Marriages and The Sexual Marketplace

A divorce between a Hollywood A-list couple always brings people to tears. I’ve never understood why this is. Every time a “power couple” breaks up, people take to Twitter and write sob messages about how sad they are, and if “They can’t make it, love doesn’t exist!”

Except, in the case of the split between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, the tears had some merit. Because a very popular A-list actor directly confirmed what we’ve been saying for years now: men prefer younger and more beautiful women—every time.

Hollywood is always an interesting dynamic in displaying how the sexual marketplace really works, simply because there can be such drastic changes in value in a short amount of time. A C-list actor may be happy to take on an aging A-list actress because of the status and connections in Hollywood she gives him access to. But if that actor makes it big, he’ll be looking to jump off the ship ASAP.

On the flip side, you actually don’t see a ton of the younger women/older man dynamics—likely because of the backlash the older actor would receive. Even one of the most famous bachelors of Hollywood, George Clooney, ended up marrying a woman who was 35 when they wed (albeit still over a decade his junior).

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