American Dating vs Eastern European Dating - Listen to Me on the SwankLife Show - This Is Trouble

American Dating vs Eastern European Dating – Listen to Me on the SwankLife Show

I recently made an appearance on the SwankLife Show to talk about Eastern European dating and a hell of a lot more. Thanks to the team over there for having me on.

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Key Takeaways + Show Notes:

[1:05] Kyle’s specialty in the role of dating and relationships

[6:03] What’s different about dating overseas

[9:16] If the dating scene is bad for men, does that mean it’s good for women?

[13:13] Women testing men to filter them

[15:28] How to act like the high value man

[20:15] What a first date abroad looks like, and if it varies country to country

[24:03] The further East you go in the world the more traditional it gets

ALSO: I’ve also put together an info-graphic detailing 10 spots that are ideal locations for older cats.

Relevant reading about some of the countries we discussed:

Random Thoughts + Notes

First off, you can see all the shows of the SwankLife Show by clicking here.

And really—there’s not much you can do to fix the current dating situation in the West. You can only worry about YOURSELF.

There’s no sense in fretting over the situation if it’s out of your control. Generally speaking, you can either…

  1. Improve your value so that the Western dating market becomes more profitable for you (although it doesn’t change the “quality” problem)
  2. Move—but you can’t move and still not improve! That’s what many people get wrong.

Anyways, take a listen to the show and leave a comment below letting me know what you think.


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