1,000 Posts - This Is Trouble

1,000 Posts

This is the 1,000 post on This Is Trouble.


I guess I have to make this one pretty epic…right?

I don’t really have much to say.

I try not to celebrate milestones too much. It’s a way of becoming complacent. But it’s nice to at least recognize this for what it is. I’m coming up on four years of writing Trouble, and to say my life has changed a lot since then would be the understatement of the century.

  • Actually got good with girls
  • Started traveling
  • Produced, not consumed
  • Moved abroad

And frankly, the list goes on.

But really, I have you, the reader, to thank. About a year ago I decided I’d dive into this as a full-time endeavor, and it’s worked out pretty well for me thus far. The site continues to grow, and I hope I get to continue changing lives and helping you improve.

Prior to that, it was just a hobby. But man—I have no regrets.

Like I said, I don’t have much to say. I’m kind of lost for words. This draft has been sitting on my calendar for two weeks now, and every day I look at it and just can’t figure out what the hell to say. The words escape me, but my heart is full of gratitude.

Maybe it’s the simple things in life that make the most impact.

So I’ll just say…

Thank you.


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