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What’s Coming Up For You?

Alright gents (and ladies, I know you’re out there), I got some cool news today to share. Well, two pieces of news, actually.


I’ll be having a massive Memorial Day Weekend discount on all my products and services. So whether you’re looking to get some more girls this summer, want to work on your business, or simply want to improve yourself—I’ve got you covered.

Every one of my courses, books, or coaching deals are going to be 50% off.

This sale will be starting on Friday (or Wednesday if you’re on my email list, click here if you’re not), and will go through Monday night at the conclusion of Memorial Day.


My new course is done.

There’s a reason I’m doing the massive MDW sale and then a launch:

I want you to test drive my other products at a crazy discount. I want you to see what they are about, and how they can improve your life.

Because…if you like what’s in those products, you’ll really like what’s gone in to the new one.

If you remember the survey I recently sent out, I was looking for data about what obstacles you’re facing when it comes to making money, breaking free, etc. And the biggest overall message I received was:

There is way too much information out there and I have no idea how to get started. I don’t expect to become a millionaire, but making the first few bucks is where I’m stuck.

Therefore, this course has really gone into depth about how I’ve built up some of my small sites like Ukraine Living, Eastern European Travel, Types of Tequila, and more (which are revealed in the course itself).

There’s also going to be some opportunities to have “office hours” with me and get 1-on-1 help with building whatever it is you’d like to do (and that is the real value and my own goal with this—to really work with YOU).


On June 1st, I’m going to be releasing a FREE six-video workshop.

All of these videos are 100% free.

Watch them, learn, ask me questions. It’s as simple as that.

And…that’s it!

While I’m keeping the name hush-hush for now, I will go ahead and just leave this here…

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