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Episode #77: How to Make Friends While Living Abroad

In episode 77 of Troublesome Radio, I discuss what it was like seeing an old friend who visited me out in Eastern Europe.

He was actually originally on the podcast—way, WAY back in episode #13.

It was great having him out here to hang out and cause some trouble around my city. Man, I look back and think—that was TRULY the tipping point for me. At that point I quit the job, moved out of Los Angeles just a few months later, and started the great journey that has led me to where I am.

Truly, the guy as well as my pal Jake (episode 56) really were the catalyst behind it.

I love you guys—no homo.

El Conquistador does post here from time-to-time. His latest post is about Mexican women.

In any case, in this episode you’ll learn and hear about:

  • Why those two made about a tenth of what I did at my corporate job…
  • …and how that inspired me
  • How to make friends who are like-minded when you live abroad (plus why you need to)
  • And much, much more

Episode #77 (Listen Here):

How to Make Friends While Living Abroad

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PS: If you’re looking to break out of the corporate shackles like I did, make sure you see this.

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