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The Noon Rule

​The day starts when the first person wakes up. No matter what time YOU wake up.

Every second you stay in bed is the greater head start you give them.

But, even if you choose to sleep until 8am (I’m not a big advocate of the typical “you must rise at 4am to get ahead” approach), you can work smarter. The trick is to work harder while you work smarter.

Meaning that for the time you are working, you’re truly working.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

Sorry social media advocates who think it’s building a brand. You’re wrong.

The real work is done in the trenches, in your word editor of choice (I just use the WordPress dashboard because I’m that basic).

Case in point, I’m writing this post on my phone’s note app. This is my view:

I’m about to enjoy a nice business lunch—I’ll share a pic of that too, when it comes.

I just played basketball for an hour at the gym and followed it by a lifting session. Hopped on a bus, to the metro, to one of my favorite lunch spots. It’s 70 degrees and I’m going to enjoy the day.

Ahh, first course arrived. Mango aqua fresca and zucchini soup.

It’s 13:15 as I write this. I left my apartment at 11, plus the commute to the gym (half hour to the one with the basketball court).

You might ask how I can afford to fuck off half the day while still producing as much as I do. Simple.

Work hard. From the time I woke up at 7am to 11am, I was on.


  • Checked some stats. Made $300 while I slept last night, not bad.
  • Built a website for a TS client.
  • Wrote the March 2017 income report.
  • Wrote a post for one of my small sites.
  • Set up my writer with her six articles for the week, and created her new account.
  • I also did most of this while catching up on yesterday’s Indycar race.

This afternoon I must:

  • Write two more articles.
  • Tweak that site some more for my client once I get his feedback.
  • Buy a domain for a new idea I’ve been procrastinating on.
  • Edit two articles.
  • Probably go for an evening walk.
  • Cook dinner.
  • Nail my girl six ways to Sunday.

That’s just Monday. And trust me, I won’t be working more than a typical 8 hour day. Yes, I often work 12, 13, 14, 15 hour days. But not everyday. It’s not feasible and you will burn out. But yes, I have a lot of time to kill. That’s because I did do a lot of late nights while still with my corporate job.

It built the foundation of freedom.

But now, I’ve realized the power of focusing hard and doing it daily. I like to binge on Modafinil sometimes, don’t get me wrong.

But I know if I set reasonable tasks for myself every day, and carry them out—well, the results speak for themselves.

You have to work hard, yes—do you want it bad enough?

Too many people are saying they hate their jobs, but it’s just about dedication. I will produce 4 pieces of written content today. If you could manage 4 a week, you’d end a calendar year with 208 posts.

That’s four times as much as any of my niche sites contain, and one of them has made $200+ in the first ten days of April. $600 a month for 50 pieces of content. If you managed that 4 a week you’d get it done in 3 months.

So the question is—how bad do you want it?

My main course isn’t here still, and it’s now 13:23.

It’s not difficult, so get to work. I’ll wait on my chicken.

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