March 2017 Income Report - This Is Trouble

March 2017 Income Report

March was a great month for me, overall. Far better than February, and even January.

For the first time in well over a year, I actually have a permanent home. There are both good things and bad to this.

The Good

It became fairly obvious last year that you can’t have it all. The best example of this was when I began dating my Ukrainian girl—my productivity and money started to go through the roof. While part of it can definitely be attributed to things just taking off at the right time (good things take time!), it has allowed me to redirect my focus.

Rather than going out at night, instead I’m taking care of mundane work like editing my smaller sites.

Or instead of being distracted by Tinder throughout time I’m supposed to be working, I’m in the zone.

Instead of going out on dates that ultimately lead nowhere, I’m using the time wisely to invest in myself.

The point is, the right relationship can really help you on a business sense.

And business is all that I really care about right now, to be honest. The idea of going out doesn’t appeal to me at all. It’s very possible that the desire to chase will return someday. I expect it will. We’ll see where I am in life at that point.

But for now, it’s all about grinding forward and reaching some certain income marks. Income levels that will allow me to start putting away large sums of money, and ultimately ensure that I never have to look for work again.

Hence, I actually have an apartment that I will not be moving from for at least a year. I also have a dedicated desk and office room that has already paid huge dividends (click here to see it).

The Bad

Well, traveling less is a bit of a bummer. A new city every month is no longer going to be a part of my life (albeit I already have three trips planned this year).

Thankfully I did get to see Serbia, which was great. I must go back there at some point.

At the same time—those of you who are digital nomads know what the “1 city, 1 month” means for your work. It means you’re not working for two days before leaving. You have friends to see, places to eat at, and your mind is generally racing.

And you’re not working for probably the first week in the new city. You got to build up a rotation of girls, explore the city, find the best nightlife venues, etc.

It’s a fair trade off.

If I reach my business goals, I’ll be able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want, and in whatever style I desire.


I built a new site, that I mentioned in my 1 site, 1 day challenge.

It’s up, and doing quite well in the rankings. I’ve never actually had a niche site hitting the first couple pages of Google within mere days of going live. Clearly, every project I take on I’m improving a bit more.

Ultimately, it is a site that fits into my brand here. Meaning I can cross-post without it seeming bizarre or weird. I’ve also discussed this in my business synergy podcast:

So the question now becomes—will I actually post it here? I really don’t know! I enjoy building stuff up truly from scratch. And I also want to use it as an example of what you can do if you don’t have a large authority site.


If I don’t show it, I can’t be as transparent as I’d like with my message.

I did learn a lot about how to do proper screen recording when building this site, though—I recorded and narrated the entire thing. So I have the makings of a small course if the market demand is there (is it? let me know in the comments).

I’ve also been recording screen shares with my Troublesome Solutions clients—so at this point, I have a ton of raw content.

The great thing overall is that I killed two birds with one stone.


Alright, time to show the number.

This was the best ever month for my company, and things are trending upwards again. I can’t wait to see what the end of the year ends up bringing.

March 2017 Total Income: $2,984

And from the small sites…

  • Ukraine Living – $72 (albeit it’s now over $200 in the first week of April…)
  • Eastern European Travel – $0
  • Other Niche Site 1 – $88
  • Other Niche Site 2 (the one mentioned above) – $0

In April, I’ve got a trip planned and some family coming to town, so things may slow down slightly. But whilst I was bummed to fall short of that $3,000 mark, it’s undoubtedly going to happen in the near future.

Got questions about anything in here? Leave ’em below.

PS: If you’re looking to get the 101 on the realities of blogging for a living, make sure to pick up my free guide.

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