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The First Niche Site, 1 Year Later

Remember Types of Tequila?

Yeah. Start laughing. Go ahead now.

What was a laughably bad idea turned into a great investment because I learned from it.

Even though the site makes nothing, and probably never will (I’m not willing to put the time into make it into an actual income stream)—it taught me some lessons. You can take a site from zero and actually get traffic to it simply by targeting the right keywords.


Views: 3,913

Visitors: 2,655


Views: 1,459

Visitors: 1,175

The funny thing is that This Is Trouble does more than those numbers in a day but with the right product, ToT could have made good money.

Time to throw some crappy Adsense ads on it and collect my $0.05 a day, me thinks.

Like I’ve always said, if you learn from your mistakes they were mistakes worth making.

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