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The Sales Letter That Made Me “$792/Hour”

Now that you’ve clicked on what is quite possibly the most click-bait title in the history of this website, let me explain 🙂

Last week, I mentioned targeted email marketing. That post discussed that selling to the right people in a small market is often far more profitable than selling to the wrong people in a large market. It’s a mistake I’ve made multiple times in my time as an entrepreneur.

In case you missed that post, I discussed that when I emailed my small email list with a product on sale, a high percentage bought. It was such a simple email, and made a tidy profit for five minutes of work:

Now, how many people do YOU think are on my small little Ukraine Living email list?


Out of those 37 people, three went and bought a copy of Russian Rocket that day. That’s a prime example of targeted email marketing. Those people want Ukraine information.

3 out of 37 is a crazy-high conversion rate. If I could convert at that percentage on my Trouble products, I’d be a millionaire. I took home $22+ on each of those, and all I did was write an email out in 5 minutes and drop a link in.

If you want to do the “math” on that…

$66 for 5 minutes * 12 (for a full hour) = $792 an hour.

As promised, here is the email itself:

The $792/Hour Sales Letter

Hey man,

If you’re looking at going to Ukraine this year, it’s not a terrible idea to learn Russian. The ability to communicate with the locals, on dates, and being able to read the alphabet will really help you out with everything.

With that being said, Russian Rocket is the best resource I’ve recently come across with in regards to learning Russian.

Ironically, they’re having a Valentine’s Day sale going on right now–not that any of us want to visit Ukraine or Russia at this time of year, but…

It is a pretty sweet deal. $60 for a course that is normally $150.

>> Click here to get instant access to Rocket Russian (use coupon ‘VALENTINES’)

If you start now, you could get pretty good by the time it’s worth actually going to a place like Ukraine for the warmer months. If you’ve got questions about Russian (language), Ukraine, or anything else–just hit reply.

удачи тебе (good luck to you)
– The Team

PS: Don’t wait, get started NOW.

As you can see, it’s nothing fancy. Pretty straightforward. I phrased it much more as a “heads-up”—which is easy to do when there is a good sale for a quality product.

That Ukraine Living site is almost passive. I’ve written maybe five posts for it this entire year. Sure, it took a few hours to get it going, but now it just collects email subscribers, sells dating/language subscriptions, and just makes me money for very little work.

Making money on the internet is always tough—for the first $10. Because you realize if you can make $10 you can make $100, then $1,000, etc. It is not easy to get the first one though. In fact, it’s the most difficult. You might be feeling like you don’t have enough time when you work a 9-5.

I feel your pain.

But if you did an hour a day for a month you could build something like Ukraine Living, Types of Tequila, or Eastern European Travel. You’d have a good base. You would make the first ten bucks.

You just need to start.

PS: I offer free consultations if you buy through that link above. Just send me an email at kyle at

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