February 2017 Income Report - This Is Trouble

February 2017 Income Report

Ahh, yes—the income report I didn’t want to write. I have to follow January’s killer month with a letdown…

February was pretty rough on me from both a business and personal standpoint. I spent the entire month in a little place called Kotorwhich got really, really boring. Why did I go there?

Well, due to visa restrictions I couldn’t go exactly where I wanted to go. I needed to wait out for a month. I wanted a quiet place to finish my new and upcoming book. Then though, I learned something really important about myself. Sadly, it’s something that I already knew.

I do not work well near a beach.

For some reason, it makes me lazy. I don’t want to do anything. It’s not that I’m busy sunbathing or anything. More that I just want to sit around and do nothing. I simply need the city to thrive. If I don’t have it, I suffer.

I felt like I was living in obscurity. I got depressed. Watched shitty TV shows that I’d already seen on repeat for hours on end. I drank most nights of the week, by myself. There was literally no one in the entire town to talk to other than the occasional waiter.

I made another mistake: I took way too long off from the gym.

You see, I flew home to California in mid-December. I knew I would be there six weeks. And I didn’t have a driver’s license that was valid. Nor a car. So I figured, what the heck. I can take a few weeks off and let my body heal from heavy lifting, and I’ll just do bodyweight exercises.

So that was one month. Then in Kotor, there was not a gym. In fact, I’m not sure there is a gym in all of Montenegro. They’re a bit behind the times (sidewalks seem to be a new development there).

Therefore I did not go to the gym for nearly 10 weeks. I’ve been lifting consistently since I was 18 years old. I’m used to the dopamine hits from exercise. And I wasn’t getting it. The nice thing is that I did develop a bit of an interest in yoga. I am hoping that it will help me long-term with staying injury free, flexible, and youthful.


I have a way of looking at life: It’s great to make mistakes, but you must learn from them and not repeat.

Well, last year in Odessa I learned the same thing.

Being by the water makes a city in itself lazy. No hustle and bustle. No taxis honking to get through traffic. No business. Just tourism, espresso at cafes, and beer on patios. It’s a terrible way to get work done. And it rubs off on me, even if I’m not always partaking in those things every minute of every day.

I didn’t take my own advice which was to stay away from beach towns for any longer term stays. It’s one of the mistakes I’ve made as a nomad. I know I will continue to make them. From now on though, I’m making a note to myself to make sure I really learn from them.


Well, I didn’t finish the book. Not even close. I started the month with 20,000 words, aiming for 75,000. I got to 50,000. I’m still getting back in my groove. I’m doing fine on all of the small sites and business, but I need to put the finishing touches on that and close the door on it. It’s possibly because it’s more philosophical and I know it may not make that much money. So it becomes…is it worth it?

I think it is, because this part of my life needs to be book-ended. I feel like I’ve said a lot of what I wanted to say as far as culture and the world goes, and this book sums up all my beliefs. I know it’s not done, but I do think what I have so far is pretty spectacular.

Anyways, let’s talk money.

In February I made $1,340.

About half of what I made in January. The good news is that I’m writing this on March 17th and I’ve already surpassed this.

So hopefully March, and then April, will continue to be good to me. Spring is here, and I’m enjoying it. The mood from Kotor, which was completely somber, is gone. Trouble is back 😉


I’m looking to finish this book and then start building a new product. I want it to be something in the SEO/niche site area. I’m about to embark on a challenge to build a single site in a single day, so stay tuned for that.

If you don’t mind, can you let me know…

What’s holding you back regarding online biz?

  1. Scam/BS products
  2. The first $10
  3. Lack of time
  4. Other (please leave a comment)
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