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The Ultimate Guide to Filipina Women

The Philippines is the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited, with some of the world’s best beaches, mountains, volcanoes, this country has it all. Including Filipina women.

(This is a guest post from Phil Hawksworth).

The best part about it, if you want to go and explore, you’ll easily find a Filipina chick who is more than happy to show you around. These girls are some of the sweetest, most caring girls you will ever meet.

They love to look after you, care for you and generally put your well-being above theirs—even when you don’t want them to. I stayed with a Filipina air hostess for a couple of weeks; she would come home from being on her feet all day, dealing with passengers; and the second she walks through the door is asking if she can get me anything, what I want her to cook for me, etc.

Meanwhile I can see she is exhausted and just needs to lay down. She’s the only girl I’ve spent more than 2 days with, 24 hours per day, and not got fed up with or argued with at any point. A fact that still amazes me to this day. Even the most sweet and submissive of girls I will normally get sick of being around and need space from. I was comfortable being around her none stop for an extended period.

Oh, she offered for me to stay with her the first time we ever met—I didn’t take her up then, but I did a few days later. This is just one example of how kind Filipina girls are.

Another is the day I arrived in Manila for the first time. I was really struggling to find wifi anywhere to get my work done. I asked a girl I’d matched with on Tinder where I could find decent wifi and she invited me over to her house—she had good wifi and he parents were away—sweet.

She ordered a cab for me, to pick me up from where I was, and took me across the city, right to her door. She had just got out of the shower and was wearing a towel…

It took about 2 minutes for me to be officially ‘welcomed’ to the Philippines.

I did manage to get my work done a bit later on, while she went and got food for me. A very accommodating introduction to life in the Philippines.

So, on average Filipina girls are very sweet, caring, and horny. Sounds like a good spot to travel to me!


As I’ve mentioned already, Filipina girls are generally very pleasant and nice. They’re also some of the hottest girls in Asia. Their look differs from most Asians such as Thai women and Japanese girls—they’re less ‘Asian’ looking for the most part. With some Spanish influence in their heritage, you get some lighter skinned, light hair girls.

They are generally sexually open, it’s a very liberal culture (despite being Catholic), and they love Westerners. It’s probably the country I’ve been where just being Western gives you a huge leg up in the dating market.

As with most countries, this matters less to the higher society girls who come from rich families. They’re more used to traveling, being around Westerners, and they already have a high social status, which will not be increased by bagging a Western boyfriend.

That doesn’t mean they won’t like you, it just means dating the hottest Filipina women will be more like a dating market anywhere else in the world – you will need to be a top-notch guy to bag a top-notch girl. If you want to get a really hot Filipina girl, you will still need to maximise your looks, status, and game.

Where the Philippines is much better than most Western countries is that the average girl is a lot hotter. There’s a huge percentage of girls that are cute—not stunning—but cute. Combine this with their extremely pleasant nature and it makes for a great place to meet some amazing girls.

Filipina girls


The country itself is split over 7,000+ islands (nobody has officially ever counted) and is extremely beautiful. Manila is a huge sprawling metropolis, and then just a few minutes outside you get into beautiful nature and a very undeveloped, un-westernised way of life.

This is great for a visit or a holiday, but can be impractical if you are a digital nomad and want to be online. I spent 4 hours trying to send one email on the island of Boracay—the wifi just didn’t work anywhere, and that is one of the most popular tourist islands. The kicker? It was my God damn birthday!

As a whole the country is much less developed than some of its neighbours like Thailand or Malaysia, so you need to factor that into any plans you have to visit.

However, Makati—the financial district of Manila—is the cleanest, nicest city I have ever been to. It completely puts western cities to shame. It’s not exactly an authentic Filipino experience, and it isn’t exactly the super low cost price of living as the rest of the country, but if you’re staying in Manila I would recommend staying in that area.

It’s where the hottest girls are, the best restaurants and lots of huge malls—great for daygame.


Filipina girls are very open to meeting Westerners and you can meet them through all the usual channels.

Tinder – If you’re good looking, you will match with 98% of the girls that come up on your Tinder. A lot of these girls will seem like they’re shy and conservative, but the second you’re alone they’re super horny.

They’re very easy to get out on dates, not flakey, and getting laid is very easy. Just remember this is not their first time at the rodeo. They will most likely have been with a bunch of Western guys before. Not a problem for a casual thing, but don’t go falling for a girl just because she is sweet to you.

Helpful articles about Tinder:

Dating websites – You have usual dating websites like Filipino Cupid where you will meet a mixture of girls. Some are more like the Tinder girls—used to dating westerners, and down for fun. Others will be looking for relationships and this is where they will go to try and bag an older Western guy to support them.

You’ll need to filter through for the right girls, but if you have good pictures you will often find them messaging you first. You can really leverage your being an attractive Westerner on the dating sites, making it very easy to get numbers and set up dates.

Helpful articles about other online dating:

Filipina women Manila

Daygame – Daygame is great in the Philippines. The girls are approachable, friendly, and happy to chat. This is the easiest way to meet some of the more reserved girls that you won’t see on Tinder or in nightclubs, but be aware they are often very shy.

I’ve spoken to a few Filipina women who stand there, almost literally shaking, frozen like a deer in headlights because they’re overawed to have a handsome white guy talking to them. Suddenly they forget how to speak English (even though they’re generally good).

It’s fine, just be aware that if a girl acts like that, she is super shy—it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Keep the pressure really low, don’t be aggressive in sexualising the interaction and just swap numbers or Facebook and talk more over messenger where she will be more comfortable.

These will be some of the sweetest, nicest girls you will ever meet, anywhere in the world.

Nightgame – The biggest thing to look out for at night is avoiding the pros. A lot of nightclubs will be full of hookers. Sometimes you can get them for free if you’re good looking and have some game, but it’s generally not worth the hassle.

The easiest way to spot a club full of pro’s is to see if there are local guys there. If the only men are Westerners, and there’s a ton of hot girls, you can guarantee they’re all working girls. The best clubs to go to will be where the locals go, in groups of friends.

Once you find a good spot, the girls will be open to you approaching, fun and it’s a great place to meet some of the hottest Filipina women.

Filipina women


I’ve generally spoken the girls up, and for good reason. However, you need to keep your wits about you. Recognise that the super sweet, submissive nature is going to sucker you into falling for them. That is their (unconscious) goal, they want to tie you down.

Be very wary of any Filipina women who ask you for money, especially with stories like her Grandma is sick, or her family’s house fell down. These are scams that ‘sweet’ girls will use to extract money from naïve Western guys.

Another thing to be aware of is you will not believe how many of these girls have kids. Not in itself a problem, but not something you want to find out as a surprise a couple of months into dating a girl you’re starting to get serious with.

That said, that’s a small percentage of the girls – and they exist everywhere – and they are going to be looking for the suckers to take advantage of. The guys with no game, no social skills or experience with women, who can’t get laid at home are easy targets.


The Philippines is a must visit spot in my opinion. Beautiful country, beautiful girls, cheap cost of living. You can have a lot of fun there!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Make sure to head over to Phil’s site at for more info about nomadic life, Asia, and fitness.

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