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Which Site, Which Themes?

I’ve been getting a few questions about which Thrive Themes I use on which sites. For those of you interested in Troublesome Solutions, this may impact which theme to buy if you aren’t interested in the whole suite of tools.

With that being said, I’ve used almost every one of their themes at one point or another. Some of my sites I don’t publicly post here, but I have used all of them. And if not on my sites, then a client’s site.

With that being said…

At just $228 a year for access to all those themes, and all of their plugins on all of my sites, it’s certainly a no-brainer for me. But, I do see why someone new to the game might be a bit apprehensive of the price tag.

With that being said, if you want to get fancy (A/B testing, lead captures, etc.)—a lot of that software is really, really expensive.

I like having it all in one system because I’m a simple man.

Don’t forget, if you buy any of those Thrive products from me, I’m going to configure it and sit down for a 30 minute consultation with you. Considering my SEO/technical consulting runs $200/hour these days, it’s a no brainer.

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