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Launching (Another) Travel Niche Site

It’s about time that I “officially” announced one of my newer niche site ventures—Eastern European Travel. It’s not a huge surprise to most of you, I’m sure of that.

It might come as a bit of a weird choice, given that I’ve already got Ukraine Living. Well, it was more or less the small success of UL that encouraged me to build this site.

It was very much a “Well, might as well try this”, kind of deal rather than a “This is a can’t-miss business opportunity!”


Ukraine Living made me nearly $200 in January (I haven’t run February’s numbers yet), and seems to be picking up a lot of traction. It seems to be hitting that magical six-month mark that it sometimes takes a site to truly take off (it launched last September).

It’s now getting 40-50 organic SEO hits a day. If I manage to convert one of several products on there every other day, that number could easily reach $500 from the current $200.

Eastern European Travel is a similar mindset. I’ve traveled all over. I have thoughts, photos, and other tidbits of information that I wouldn’t mind sharing with the world. But, this website isn’t the right platform for that.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you’re on my site, you’re probably interested in learning about how to get more girls, how to travel cheaply, and how to build a business.


….say, how to get from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Kotor, Montenegro by bus. You’re probably not all that interested in how to learn Czech, either. Maybe you are intrigued by Russian culture, Eastern European women or Serbian women (you should be)—but guess what—I feature those posts here!

This allows me to build a more “politically correct” travel website, that your everyday person could find and take a huge amount of value from.

I can talk about Poland in more detail than I have here: example.

Over time, as the site continues to grow (and I’ve outsourced a lot of it), I will start designing specific pages for countries. So if someone wanted to go to Romania, whether it’s for the girls or the culture—he or she would have a huge compilation of articles to read and take info from.

And, it’s something pretty easy for me to write about (on the articles I do write). Sometimes I can just dump some photos up there and call it a post. That’s fun to do sometimes. I sometimes have to remind myself that I started writing, traveling, and blogging for fun. As a hobby. Sure, I’ve made it into a business, and love it.

Sometimes though it’s great to get back to just sharing some beautiful photos and calling it a day.


Please just click this link (or really, any of them on this page) and give it a browse. Let me know what you think—feedback, post ideas, etc. The site is doing pretty well on rankings, so I’m also happy to accept guest posts and give you a backlink.

I may hire another staff member in the near future too, but no promises there!


PS: This post is a GREAT example of how to backlink for SEO purposes. Use it as a blueprint. And if you want more info like this, get a consultation with me via Troublesome Solutions.

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