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Your Girls Are Falling Away…

It sucks to just “lose” girls. Girls you meet in a bar, on the street, or even on the internet. You’ll be texting them, and then…POOF. They’re GONE.

No warning, no explanation—nothing, nada, zilch, zero. They’re just gone, lost forever to you in the endless maze of technology. I DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU.

So…if you want that part of your game (and life) fixed in the coming weeks, then don’t miss out on your opportunity to get in on Tinder & Texting University for the lowest price it will ever be. Plus, enrollment now includes two bonuses (my books!), but it won’t last.

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Here’s what one happy customer this week told me:

The Tinder & Texting University is a well-thought content rich program, which is consistent with Kyle’s other sites in adding knowledge and value. You guys should notice an immediate improvement in your text responses and enjoy success in the game.

When I got started trying to succeed with girls, I made a lot of mistakes.

My phone was filled to the brim with numbers of hot young girls, but I had nothing to show for it. Just some text messages that never led to dates, never led to sex, and just ended up with me at home frustrated.

  • Here are some of the mistakes I made:
  • Thinking that I was being really cool by texting one word replies, which gave girls NOTHING to respond back with
  • Spending too much time dicking around instead of GOING FOR THE KILL when the opportunity was ripe for the taking
  • Spending too much time dealing with girl’s bullshit
  • Tried being a nice guy to get dates and sex, to no avail
  • Wasting my precious time being the “dancing monkey” for girls; i.e. their entertainment
  • Thinking I had to do something *CRAZY* as a first message.

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Enrollment now includes two bonuses (my books!), but it won’t last.

Start fixing this part of your life.

Start getting this look more often instead of staring at your phone’s screen…

You’ve got just hours left to make this HUGE chance, so act now before it’s gone.

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