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How to Learn Russian Online

A week or so ago, I put up a post on Ukraine Living—Rocket Russian Review.

It’s actually an excellent lesson on both how to write a half-decent sales letter, and targeting your audience. For example…

A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my Ukraine Living list.

I was letting them know that one of my Russian language lessons of choice, Rocket Russian, was on sale. They had about two days left on the sale, and 50 or so copies available.

Normal price was $59 instead of $150.

Now, how many people do YOU think are on my small little Ukraine Living email list?


Out of those 37 people, three went and bought a copy of Russian Rocket.

3 out of 37 is a crazy-high conversion rate. If I could convert at that percentage on my Trouble products, I’d be a millionaire. I took home $22 on each of those, and all I did was write an email out in 5 minutes and drop a link in.

The point is, targeting people for sales who are already interested can have huge potential payoffs, even if it’s “smaller peanuts”. Somebody subscribed to that list on Ukraine Living because they have a huge interest in traveling to Ukraine, Russia, other Eastern European countries. It’s natural they would have an interest in learning some of the language.

You can get on that Ukraine Living list to see some more examples by clicking here:

Click here to sign up to the list.

And click here to see that review and sales letter.

Finally, why learn Russian?

Well, this is start…

In fact, I sat down with my friend who has been to Russian numerous times. We did an entire interview about Russian girls.

Don’t miss it.

Have a great week,
– Kyle

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