Introducing - This Is Trouble


I’ve put my new website,, online as of this week.

No, this site is going nowhere. Merely SEO. A lot of people are now searching for “Kyle Trouble” in Google. I know because I see the hits every day.

The last thing I want is some tard to buy and then get #1 in Google for my pen name.

I also got a chance to finally develop another site with the Voice theme by my friends over at Thrive. I’ve only built one site ever on it (a friend’s), and so I’m glad I get to give it a test run. You can see the rest of the features Thrive offers here.

In any case, I won’t be posting much to it. Probably once a week. It’ll be more personal musings. Maybe some drafts that never make it here. Perhaps even some racing commentary (season starting soon!).

So please, click one of these links and give it some love. Thanks in advance!

>> Click here to see my new site.


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