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Spanish Women: The True Insider’s Secrets and Guide

Despite having written about foreign women on multiple occasions (see my reports on Lithuanian girls and Serbian women), I’ve always thought it would be hard to do the same about Spanish women.

Even if it’s my home country, the variety and randomness regarding Spanish women’s looks, personality and attitudes towards men means there’s no cookie-cutter approach to seducing them.

But the time has come for readers of This is Trouble to learn more about a totally different animal: one that can be equally mysterious and shallow, tanned and fierce like a Latina or blonde and cold like a Moscow princess: the Spanish woman.

This is post from a local Spaniard, Borja.


I like to say Spain is a bit like the USA: there is a broad, general Spanish culture and lifestyle—but a lot of it will change depending on which autonomous community you visit.

You will find extremely different climates (from tropical islands to freezing cold mountains, from areas where rain never goes away to lands dryer than a nun’s pussy. The lifestyle will change (fast-paced and stressful in Madrid, almost annoyingly slow in Andalusia), and some communities even have their own language (although Spanish is official everywhere and there’s no real need for a visitor to learn Catalan or Basque).

If you want to start learning some of the local language, Rocket Spanish is a good place to start.

As a result, I will find it impossible to recommend one city over others. Some places are way better than others for business, others for a relaxing holiday, and some others will basically have you partying all night.

Similarly, it’s hard to praise women from one area and diss girls in other places: it will all depend on your own goals, skills and patience.


Right off the bat, the biggest mistake any traveler could make is to assume Spain and Latin America are anything alike. Language aside, the only things both places have in common will be the love for dancing and the fact that most things (waking up, meal times, going out at night etc.) will be done later than in other western countries.

Make no mistake: Spain is fully European (bar immigration) and Spanish women are heavily westernized in terms of culture.

When it comes to women they come in all sizes and flavors, but Spain has always been known for the stereotype of Mediterranean Women.

The silky dark hair, golden skin and light brown eyes that make a daughter of the Mediterranean so easily identifiable took over Hollywood about a decade ago with the Cruz sisters: Penélope and Mónica. To be honest, I’ve never found them particularly attractive—and I am happy to inform you’ll be seeing hotter women than those two anytime you go for a walk in major Spanish cities.

Funny enough the Cruz sisters come from Madrid, but it’s not there that you’ll find Mediterranean goddesses. If that is what tickles your fancy you should be heading towards Andalusia (any major city will do, although girls from Cordoba are meant to be the hottest in the south). To a lesser degree you could also try the ‘Costa del Sol’ and Costa Brava’ areas (meaning the coastline from Barcelona to Valencia) and the islands (both the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands).

For the sake of authenticity, here’s what a non-famous, regular hot girl will look like:

I calculate that the amount of women who fit this stereotype is about 25% of the (desirable) female population.

It might come as a shock that the archetypal Spanish woman isn’t even that common in the country. However, the rest of the attractive women in the country are definitely not a downgrade.

The bread and butter of any man in Spain will be brunettes.

I believe make up 60% of the hot female population. Those girls will have brighter, yet equally silky hair and their skins will not be as dark.

Brunettes can be found pretty much anywhere in Spain, although in my opinion the best looking ones will be found towards the North (Santander, Bilbao, San Sebastian come to mind).

Spanish Women: Brunettes

Famous Girl

Normal Girl

Finally, blondes do exist in Spain…

…though they perhaps don’t get the publicity they deserve. Cute blue eyed blondes can be seen around pretty much any other city, although the percentage is certainly much higher in places where:

  1. Mixing with other nationalities has occurred (The Basque Country, since it’s next to France and has always been trading heavily with the UK)
  2. Big cosmopolitan cities (aka Madrid and Barcelona), where many families from all over Europe have relocated.



I would not consider Spanish girls a paradigm of facial beauty, yet they tend to be quite cute and have pleasant faces.

Spanish women take good care of their skin in general, and they don’t make exceptions with their faces. They wear makeup almost everyday but it will be very subtle and natural – sometimes it’s even hard to tell whether they’re wearing any or not.

For some reason, it is extremely uncommon to find a girl with a gorgeous body and an ugly face here. There is even a term for them in Spanish: ‘Gamba’ (Meaning prawn, because you’ll eat everything except for the head).

And speaking of bodies…


Now, let me get this out of the way: you will not be seeing lots of big booties in Spain. Attractive girls in Spain tend to have small, yet very firm and ‘peach-shaped’ asses. If you’re a big booty man you’re better off trying Latin America. Since the typically attractive girl here is thin, their tits aren’t anything to throw fireworks at either – which is fine for a small boob lover like me but could be an issue for you.

The real bad news is that, generally speaking, Spanish girls neglect their body by making very poor lifestyle choices. Since most young women here can’t cook to save their lives (ah, feminism) they resort to eating lots of processed foods, and going out and drinking every weekend is an important part of their lifestyle. In addition to that, hot girls seem to believe they will always stay hot—you won’t see many of them hitting the gym.

The solution? Go for younger girls.

Virtually every 23-28 year old attractive girl you see will have been way hotter aged 17-20.


Spanish girls are, more than anything else, very social animals. I don’t exaggerate when I say women here seem scared to death of being alone. The good thing about that is that they’re used to interacting with people all day long and you certainly won’t shock or scare them when you approach.

The downside is you’ll have to forget about going for a stroll and casually finding dreamy girls reading novels in the park, or leisurely exploring the city on their own.

Most women you meet will fall into the extroverted category, and chances are they’ll love to talk their ears off—so be ready to adapt to a social state if you really want to connect with them.

Culturally speaking, girls in Spain are 100% western. That means they’re generally pro-feminism, quite entitled and even though they’re instinctively friendly towards people they’ve just met it takes just a ‘wrong’ (in their eyes) thing you say to turn them into salty, bitchy characters.

Bear in mind that a huge amount of young people in Spain (18-30) still live at home with their parents and are quite naïve regarding what real life is all about. Most attractive girls you meet will either be students or part-time workers who are not independent yet, so in those cases you will have to plan your seduction steps accordingly.

If you’re more interested in a serious relationship, it goes without saying that Spanish women do not have it a priority to start a family. You’d be better off going east, and finding better luck with either Russian girls or Ukrainian women.

Spanish women are quite sexually liberated and see no harm in having flings, temporary mini-relationships or even open relationships. This is good if you’re just visiting the country since they won’t have the reservations other women have when you tell them you’re just a traveler. A Spanish woman will take any form of relationship over being single.

However, this does not mean they will be down to fuck the minute you meet them. Spanish girls are quite idealistic when it comes to sex and relationships, and even if they’re dying for you to be inside them they will want to keep the illusion of romance. Fortunately, in the case of a woman finding you attractive this will simply mean you’ll have to invest in a few more hours/conversations with her—while the lay will still be pretty much guaranteed as Spanish girls don’t usually have much resistance once you get her home.

My biggest criticism of Spanish women has to be a general lack of femininity.

Girls have strong, sometimes borderline personalities, and can be annoyingly narcissistic (the special snowflake effect). This can catch a lot of guys off guard, until they understand their confrontational approach to seduction is just a front to cover the fact they’re totally controlled by their emotions.

In any case, you will not find many submissive, sweetly feminine princesses here.

And I will be honest with you here: you really start to doubt the existence of a God when you see a Spanish stunner who could pass for a catwalk model, but in the following 10 minutes outside the club she manages to smoke 4 cigarettes, speak so loud her obscenities can be heard from a mile away, and pee in between trash cans before heading back to the dance floor and turning back into a dancing goddess.

The upside of this is that they do not look for a provider in the classic sense (they’re ‘independent strong women’ and all that—you buy the shots though). Many of them will however want to turn you into a provider of attention and romantic affection in the long run—even if you start as a casual fling.

Again, there are women for all tastes in Spain and you can definitely find more classic sweet girls, but they all have something in common: you will need a load of patience.

Whenever a new pope has to be chosen I always bet a few bucks he’ll be a Spaniard because you need to have more patience than a saint when dealing with women here.

(People laugh when I say that, but since we’ve got an Argentinian pope, and Argentinian women are similar to ours it’s just a matter of time until I make my money back).


The situations in which I’ve met local girls before have been as varied as the type of girls I’ve met. Having said that, most encounters you have will have a social component, as I will explain in a bit.


Night game in Spain is almost always a safe bet if you want to meet women, though there are some caveats. Most girls go out in groups and the main way to meet women in clubs is to have a group of other high value men with you—which is not always possible. When Spanish women see a guy rolling solo (or even two guys winging each other) they tend to be wary of them and think it’s ‘weird’.

Once you’re strategically positioned with your group next to a bunch of hotties, it’s all about dancing and having a good time with your mates. Any excuse to initiate an interaction with the girls will do because they will be expecting the approach. From then on the war games begin and they will each take a role in the battle: the social girl connecting both groups, the flirty one showing interest in one of the guys almost straight away, the cold one a few feet away from the action, the ugly one being shy, the mother hen trying to protect her chicks and find cracks in your armor, etc.

Connecting well with the most social girl in the group is key – a lot of Spanish women go out every weekend despite being in relationships so you will need some intel to know who is available and who isn’t.

Same night lays can happen, but are more likely in some cities (In the south, the islands, Madrid, Valencia) than others (The north, Barcelona to an extent, second tier cities).

Tip: Never buy a girl a drink until you’ve at least kiss closed her and have moved on to building comfort with her isolating her from the group—she will instantly lose respect for you. You can instead grab a couple of cheap shots with her (Spanish women love shots) and use that as an excuse to move away from her friends.


Like I said before, it will be hard to find Spanish girls alone and away from a social situation. If you see one alone, assume she’s on her way to meet someone or do something unless she’s shopping.

If you want to daygame in Spain, I’d recommend doing so in either Madrid or Barcelona—doing it anywhere else will not be productive and girls will probably be wary of it if you go ballistic missile style on them.


Surprisingly, indirect daygame works really well in Spain. If you are in a situation where you have a plausible excuse to start a conversation with a girl (need directions, ask her if she can translate something for you etc.) and she’s single and in a good mood then chances are you can easily transition to a more personal chat and get her number.

From then on setting up a date will seem like a natural step for her, and she’ll even brag to her friends about how she ‘randomly’ met this cool guy during the day—she will see that as a sign that sleeping with you is a good and logical idea.


All sorts of dating apps work moderately well in Spain if you can craft a good profile and have decent skills (Kyle can help there). Of course, the bigger the city the more productive this approach will prove.

Make sure you either read Cracking OkCupid or invest in Tinder & Texting University.


Now that you know what Spanish women are like, and how you can meet them, you’re ready to enjoy this beautiful and diverse country as a whole—but before I wrap it up here’s some extra advice:

  • The best strategy to follow when seducing a Spanish girl you’ve met on your trip is to have two dates. The first one will help the girl get to know you a bit more and once she is comfortable around you she will be happy to let you seduce her (once you pass a couple of shit tests, but you should see them coming from a mile away). Ending the first phase with some kissing and caressing will set the tone for a more intimate second date that will (very probably) end up in sex. First date lays are a realistic possibility and I have done so many times, but I have gotten the best long-term scenarios (open relationships, harem members that lasted years) when I run the two date model.
  • Spanish women become 100% more slutty when they’re away from their hometown (make that 200% if it’s a foreign country). Use that to your advantage.
  • If you run out of patience with Spanish girls (I get it, bro) it’s always good to have chosen a major city like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla or Valencia—you’ll have a choice of many nationalities there including Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Brazilian, etc.
  • There are a lot of Latinas in Spain (migrants), but they tend to forget their origin soon and become just like any other Spanish girl.

Buena suerte.

PS: In addition to Tinder, you can use International Cupid to meet some Spanish girls. Especially effective if you are traveling through to other countries as well. Are you ready to meet some Spanish women? Click here.

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