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Really, Really Quick Thoughts on Belgrade, Serbia

This week, I’d originally planned to be in the Belgrade airport for eight hours en route to another part of Europe. Due to some dire circumstances (not having power at my apartment all weekend in Kotor), I moved my flight up and made it a nice 36-hour layover. Just enough time to see the city and […]

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How to Learn Russian Online

A week or so ago, I put up a post on Ukraine Living—Rocket Russian Review. It’s actually an excellent lesson on both how to write a half-decent sales letter, and targeting your audience. For example… A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my Ukraine Living list. I was letting them know that one of […]

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5 Stereotypes of People You Meet on the Road

My time out on the road has a nomad has led me to meeting a lot of interesting people. It’s also led to me carefully planning my time in certain cities due to over-saturation. And of course, I’ve learned all about how the stag parties system works. The nights to go out, and nights to […]

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Something Cool Is Coming

Just a heads up that next-week I’ve got something exciting to share with you all. One of my products has undergone a re-structure, and I’ll be offering some cool specials on it. Stay tuned for next Thursday. My email list will get first access, so if you’re not already on it, sign up (and get a […]

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5 Reasons Why Old School PUA Text Game Doesn’t Work

PUA text game has been steeped in tradition for many years now. Short and aloof answers. Statements, not questions. No emojis. Most of you know what I am talking about. However, things have begun to change over time. The invention of Tinder and other online dating platforms has meant increasing accessibility to girls for most […]

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Where Are You Going This Year?

As March rapidly approaches, this is the time of the year that we’re all starting to plan our spring, summer, and fall travels for the year. With that being said, if this is your first trip abroad—CONGRATULATIONS. A word of warning: you may never want to go back. For those of us with more experience […]

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Introducing KyleTrouble.com

I’ve put my new website, KyleTrouble.com, online as of this week. No, this site is going nowhere. Merely SEO. A lot of people are now searching for “Kyle Trouble” in Google. I know because I see the hits every day. The last thing I want is some tard to buy KyleTrouble.com and then get #1 […]

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