Are Chilean Women Underrated?

If you’ve been traveling through Latin America conquering the local women, landing in Chile will bring a sense of relief. After all the bullet-holes and broken down buses, you’re back in the first world. A country with a strong economy, reliable public transport and a middle-class. And Chilean women—always a plus.

But every silver lining has a cloud. You’ll see some familiar friends you might have missed in Colombia or Peru: fatty foods, obesity, feminism, hipsters, etc.

Being an international playboy is all about rolling with the punches and making compromises in the name of new pussy and adventures.

Chile is exactly that: a country of compromises. Climb up any tall building in Santiago and catch a view of the snow capped Andes in the background. Come back down to earth and remember that the country rivals Uruguay and Brazil as the most expensive in Latin America.

Back to the food and its effect on the physiques of the local females. Chilean food is very greasy and unhealthy. Google the Chilean “completo” and feel some arteries begin to clog. Most Chilean dishes are fried and they slather everything in mayo and ketchup—can’t they just give me the bottle and let me decide how much ketchup and mayo I want on my food?

Anyway, I’m sure that this diet along with the high standard of living is causing the obesity levels to rise.

Not that everybody is waddling around in 4xl jeans, but if you’ve just arrived from Argentina you’ll notice the difference.

Now to the silver linings. Chile is the safest country in Latin America. Safety is not to be underestimated—Brazil is fun but there is always fear eating into your enjoyment.

Chile also has great wine and lots to see—you can go to the beach (Viña del Mar) or ski in the Andes in the same day. It’s the most livable country in Latin America.

Best time of year to go? I recommend January and February. I arrived in August one year and the cold and hipster clothing made me want to leave after a week.


Every country in Latin America tries to separate itself from the rest. For example, Argentinian women think they are European, Brazilian women don’t consider themselves Latin, and Chilean women look down and the rest of Latin America with their higher crime rates, unstable economies and tin-pot dictators.

If Latin America were a family with four daughters: Colombia and Brazil would be the hot, party sluts going who love to wear heels and and rotate multiple boyfriends, Bolivia would be ugly and bitter trying to find a man to marry and take her off the market, and Chile would be a lawyer: successful but plain and nondescript.


El Fisico

Like all Latin American countries, the hotter Chilean women will have European ancestry and come from rich families. The poorer girls will have more Andean features. While not as indigenous-looking as the girls in Bolivia or Peru, Chilean girls are closer to that end of the scale than the white girls of Uruguay and Argentina. If you’ve just come from Brazil you’ll notice the complete absence of blacks and if you’ve just come from Argentina you’ll notice the complete absence of blondes.

What you’ll see in Santiago is large numbers of meztisos dressed like skater girls.

Chilean girls have it difficult because they have Brazil and Argentina as neighbours: home to some hottest girls in the world. It’s difficult to compete with that and Chilean girls know it—this makes them easier to lay.


Because Chilean women haven’t been put on a pedestal like Brazilians and Argentines, they are easier to lay and more pleasant company in general. On a Latin American “easy-to-bang” scale, Chilean women are not as easy as Peruvians or Colombians but way easier than Argentines.

Will you possess any exotic factor as a foreigner in Chile?

While not at the Caucasian-worshipping levels of Peru, Chileans still view Westerns as the gold standard of civilization.

One time, while I was living in Santiago De Chile, I was on the roof top area of the Ritz Hotel talking with a Chilean-American friend of mine. A hotel employee came out to tell us we shouldn’t be out there, but when he saw that we were not Chilean and heard us speaking English, he turned around without a word and walked back through the glass doors.


Chilean Spanish is the most difficult dialect to understand in all of South America. The only Spanish accents that rival it for difficulty are Caribbean Spanish or Andalusian.

With that in mind, be aware that English levels don’t vary between areas and cities but do between generations. The younger generation—under 25—will have good English, but even amongst that age ground it can be hit and miss so get learning some Chilean slang.

There are two niches I would work in Santiago if my Spanish were weak and I wanted to bang Chilenas: Language exchanges and rock music groupies (if you are a white guy) or hip-hop groupies if you are black/mixed race.


There are only three places worth visiting in Chile. In order or recommendation:

Santiago: One of the safest cities in Latin America. Stay in Bella Vista as this area will have the most hostel options, best nightlife and the most gringo-friendly girls.

Once you get a grip of the city you can venture into the more expensive Las Condes/Vitacura areas.

You’ll have no problem getting around as the city has an easy-to-navigate metro (subway) system and a reliable bus service.

Valparaiso: A city with a lot of character. Built on hills, similar to Lisbon, or San Francisco without the tech nerds.

Only 90 mins outside of Santiago by bus, which are a very ride comfortable apart from the badly-dubbed Denzel Washington movies.

Viña del Mar: The beach town for rich Chileans. Feels like being in San Tropez or San Diego.

If your Spanish is weak, stick to Santiago or Viña del Mar.


Santiago is a modern city so all of the girls will be on Tinder. I strongly recommend using Latin American Cupid in Chile because, in contrast to countries like the DR and Colombia, you will meet more genuine girls and fewer gold diggers and players


There are lot of universities in Santiago (near the river) where you can day game.

Open indirect with “lost tourist” game then transition to flirting.


A note on logistics: If you are staying in a hostel in Santiago and you pull a girl from the club, don’t worry about being cock-blocked by your roommates or the hostel receptionists. Jump in a taxi and tell the driver to head to the nearest sex motel. Any Chilean girl you pick up from the club won’t mind going to one, unless she is a cuica girl (upper class)


Cons: expensive, unhealthy food, hipsters
Pros: safety, scenery, everything works

No city or country is perfect. If you’ve read this blog you’ve seen all the cities Kyle has visited have their downsides.

Decide what you value and what you are willing to put up with.

Test every new city before you fully commit. Try living there for a couple of weeks to see if you like it.

Un abrazo,
– El Conquistador.

PS: It’s critical to use both Tinder and Latin American Cupid as a stepping off point to meet Chilean women, so make sure you sign up for both before you depart.

  • e says:

    I really enjoyed Chile when I travelled there for work. BTW, the picture of Santiago is backwards, left to right.

  • A says:

    your right about the hipster chicks. everything was true. i was down south on the coast. lots of greasy fried fish plates. the best looking chicks had fair skin with dark hair. kinda like a argetine/brazza mix.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      When I was searching for images for this post I had the feeling of, “They just don’t have a candle on other girls in SA”.

      Hipsters, gross as always.

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  • Ernest says:

    I have been curious about other Latin American countries besides Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil. But, I do not feel comfortable going somewhere and not meeting a trustworthy person from a good company there. However, I might visit Chile. I cannot promise anyone on that.

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  • Kati Moore says:

    Have you noticed how incredible offensive is this ?
    Im a Chilean woman. I don’t have anything against Argentinas or Brasileras or colombianas or anyone. I’m beautiful and have a strong Latin-indígenas look and proud of it! I do not admire Europeans or gringos more than I would admire any other people in this world no matter where they are from, as long as they are good people.
    Comments like this are what create racism and division in this world. You should try to a) respect women in particular and b) promote respect for all kinds of people in general

  • Kati Moore says:

    What a smart answer! hahahahahha

  • Don Dino says:

    I’m Chilean and I laughed my ass off reading this. True or not, it’s possible that the sex tourist find something useful in this article. Myself, I have been in a lot of different cities around the world and I’ve found both ugly and beautiful women. It’s all about your taste, there’s not a country with “the most beautiful girls”. What I’ve learnt these years is women are settled down to their respective societies and they respond accordingly. In Sweden, for example, there’s a lot of “beautiful women”, they are polite but not open or spontaneous, it’s hard to get the way around them if you cannot understand their social codes. In Italy women are also “beautiful” but in a different way, at least when it comes to physical features. Women there are much open, spontaneous and funny…. So, what you’re saying here is true but in some extend, not really.

  • Chirimoya says:

    This is funny 😄 I am Canadian born ,from Chilean parents so just pointing out this didn’t offend me, it made me laugh.

  • Paty says:

    You gringos aren`t the best lovers. In my experience, the problem isn`t pale and thin gringo dicks; the problem is that you people don`t know how yo move

  • Mila says:

    At least the 70% of all this info is wrong. I think you went to the wrong places with the wrong people…

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