Dear God, Stop the Blog.

I’m getting so many emails these days about starting a blog that I need to clarify my stance on this.

I think everyone should have a website. I think everyone should practice writing. I think small niche sites are a low time and cost investment that can result in a nice little piece of web real estate.

I do not think anyone should try to write a generic blog and hope to become wealthy from it. Seems hypocritical, right?

I’d love to see more successful men’s blogs out there in the world. It’s just the difficulty. The frustration. The days, weeks, months where you get fewer page views than your dog’s Instagram.

Most don’t have the guts or determination to stick through it, and it’s not even a bad thing. It’s something that’s genuinely hard to do and it’s not a brilliant business move.

No, I don’t fear competition. Like I said, the more like-minded men who think along my lines of thought—the better. Plus, no one can live my life, and I’m all about sharing my troubles and how I solved them. I live a unique life and provide unique advice. It’s what’s worked for me. I can’t promise you what will or won’t work for you.

Don’t come to me and ask for my guarantee that if you follow the same X steps I did, that you’ll make Y. Life doesn’t work that way. Your path to Y and my path to Y are not the same. Life is not linear. There is no straight, sure-fire way. The only way is calculated risk. THAT is the only way that you can succeed with online business.

Calculated risks and actually doing the work. Again, posting every day is a lot of work. Most of you probably don’t realize what goes into it on a daily basis. Add in the fact that I’m running six other websites. That’s a LOT of writing to be doing. I averaged 5,000 words a day this week. Did you write 5,000 words in the last YEAR?

Don’t be discouraged, but be realistic. Blogging is not for the faint. It takes time, a fallback cushion, and a bit of luck to find success. It’s far better to start small and get some design, writing, and overall entrepreneurial experience with a small site selling a specific product versus creating your own.



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  • tddaygame says:

    As with everything – daygame, gym or life – start slow, build slow and have patience. First few months write just for yourself. Then for others. Then, after months or years, think about promoting.

    There is no magic bullet that will let you skip all the hours required to become good at any skill.

  • The most successful blogs are from guys who were successful at something else. Nick Kelly made a killing in Real Estate. Mike Cernovich is a successful lawyer with Supreme Court citations.. Roosh was a Micro-biologist and is a legendary PUA.

    They all had things to draw from and write about. I’ve had some success in the military and I’ve overcome some things in life, I write about it, I also took up copywriting to pay the bills and sharpen my writing skill.

    My website was averaging ZERO page views for over a year before I started averaging 1,500 to 2,000 page views per month. Guys think they can skip the process and quit after a bout of frustration. Most of the guys that started a blog around when I did in August 2015 are gone.

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      I can’t even tell you how many have fallen off since I started. Decently-big names too. It’s just feasible economically for most.

      Great comment, thanks Marcus.

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  • Third Line says:

    I enjoy blogging. It is the same as writing a paper. All you need is an introduction, body, and conclusion. It is not as hard as most people think. If they want to know what the 3 parts of a paper is, just look them up on Google.

    Many people may have quit blogging. But, I definitely know that I am not. I love talking about international dating or marriage, screwed up American culture, and so on.

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