Listen to My Appearance on the Mark Baxter Podcast - This Is Trouble

Listen to My Appearance on the Mark Baxter Podcast

I recently appeared on Mark Baxter’s podcast. Mark was actually a long-time-ago guest on Troublesome Radio. Way back on episode 18, which I’ve linked at the bottom of this post. I think Mark and I will have to one of these every year before I hit the road again. Which, by the way…is today. Well, the day I’m writing this up (1/25). Heading to North Carolina, exciting times. By the time this post itself drops I’ll be on my plane to Croatia.

Podcast outline as seen on Mark’s site:

This week I caught up with Kyle of after last speaking with him about 10 months ago. A lot has changed in those ten months as Kyle has now quit his day job and moved to Eastern Europe, although he was back in the states for the holidays when we recorded this show.

Kyle is pivoting his content away from dating and game topics and focusing more on the online business arm where he has a great deal of success. Kyle has put his own ideas into motion and now lives entirely off of his online income. In this episode a shares a great deal about how he accomplished that and gives tips to guys looking to start out on the same path!

If you’ve ever had interest in making a living online this is definitely an episode you won’t want to miss.

We also had an excellent discussion about the state of dating in the West. What most guys looking for and why they’re having trouble finding it in Western countries. We do our best here to solve the world’s cultural problems in an hour discussion.

I look forward to talk with Kyle again after his next stint in Eastern Europe. Enjoy the show!!

Episode 18 with Mark:

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