December 2016 Income Report

In case you missed them, check out the October and November reports. The overall 2016 recap is also worth a read.

In any case, I suppose it’s a good thing that I’m not getting around to posting this until well after the halfway point of the month. I’ve been busy spinning up new sites, taking on new staff, and of course—recharging at home a bit before tackling 2017.

Before I dive into the past let’s talk briefly about the future. I’m at home now in California, and ready to leave. So, in about a week I’ll be heading off to Kotor, Montenegro…

I’ve rented a house on the bay, complete with a patio, hammock, and I’m hoping a grill, too. But Europeans in general don’t seem to believe in BBQs so I won’t get my hopes up.

My Ukrainian girl will be out there with me for the first couple weeks, then I’ll have a couple to myself. The goal during that time is to finish my book. I have no idea what the title is, but you can click here to read what’s in it.

After that, it’ll be back to Prague to buckle down and get everything else I want to get done in the year. But first, let’s talk about home.


I flew home from Prague to California in mid-December. I had the opportunity to fly business class home from Copenhagen to San Francisco, which was a perfect cap on the year’s travels. And frankly, it basically was first class considering there was no actual first class on the plane.

On that note, I concluded two things:

  1. Business class international is the way to go for long flights if I can swing it.
  2. American airlines should be ashamed of their service in general.

Here’s a few photos of my experience, and you can read my entire Scandinavian Airlines review on my newest niche site, Eastern European Travel. 

Here’s a few photos, too:

Speaking of niche sites…


I’ve become pretty damn good at SEO. This Is Trouble has doubled the organic SEO traffic it gets in the last three months alone. I actually just hit a record yesterday. I’ve ultimately decided that if I want my little portfolio to grow, I need to work faster.

In December I spun up three new sites myself, and as of the start of this year I started three more (with partners).

Ukraine Living keeps chugging along (it’s cleared nearly $100 in the first two weeks of January, and has a sponsor this month), and it’s on the verge of really breaking into becoming one of the premium sites on Ukraine on the entire web. Best of all—it’s barely four months old.

In fact, the more than Troublesome Solutions and these small sites grow the more I begin to enjoy it. Business experiments and technical expertise are fun topics to write about, and tie in perfectly with the general theme of the blog—get girls, get money, get free. Most of you probably don’t realize how technical I am. But if there’s one thing in the world I’m truly naturally talented at, that’s it. If you think my advice about girls is good, you should see me troubleshoot a computer problem.

Troubleshooting, creating, and just general tech. I just pick it up so quickly. I need to continue to leverage these skills—it’s working.


King’s Code shot to the top of the Amazon list, and as of now is sitting on nothing but 5-star reviews. Thanks to all of you for making it happen. I know I’ve been promising some self-publishing guides based off of the last couple, and I promise they’re coming soon. I wanted to get the first month of sales of King’s Code in so I could show some real numbers. I hope to get the first posts about this up next week.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have your copy you can pick it up here.


The December income was not bad, but not great. Truthfully, I’m writing this on the 16th and I’m already nearly past this number. The drop-off is okay and to be expected. While you wouldn’t expect online business to be “seasonable”, it’s actually normal. I experienced a similar (albeit worse) drop over summer. This year I’ll be far more prepared for it.

I do want to note, that yes—I have staff now. They write for my smaller sites. This final figure does factor their expenses in. I’d like to start posting the detailed expenses/income breakdowns this year. Is this something you want to read?

In the case of December, it was about $400 as I had some one-off deals. Once two of the three finish off their one-off work for me I’ll bring one more “full-time” writer into the mix and call it a day (for now). An editor will be needed after that.

FINAL INCOME TALLY: $1,626 (after expenses which tallied ~$450)

Well, that’s it for 2016. As a final note, I’ve been doing quite a bit of 1-on-1 coaching with some of you who want to get your own stuff off the ground. It’s been a lot of fun and I know you’ll do great things. So if you’re reading—keep it up. I made barely $100 off of this site last year. Living, breathing proof it can happen. You just have to put in the work.

Thanks for coming along,

PS: Those of you who like what you hear in that last paragraph will love this.

  • Nick west ;) says:

    Boom! Great stuff. Living proof you can do it yourself if you put in the work. Nice job.

  • Brian Mark says:

    Congratulations. I like to see the breakdown of how you made it. What sources made you the most most money and which were disappointing. That would make things much clearer. Amazing you can live for $1200 a month.

  • J.K. Diego says:

    Very inspirational, Kyle. Big Congrats! Yes, would love to see the breakdown.

    BTW, hope you got my Thrive sale credited to you (I tweeted you over X’mas if you remember).

    P.S: May I ask what’s the plugin for this comment box? Or did you code it yourself (the feature: having the options to get commenters sign up for newsletter/notified of new posts)?

    • Kyle Trouble says:

      I did get that sale and I very much appreciate it!

      It’s just the plugin for AWeber – in the options somewhere there’s a feature to enable it. Or you install AWeber and you can then change your “Discussion” settings to allow it. It’s somewhere in one of those!

      Thanks for the comment, hope to see you around again.

      • J.K. Diego says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        Even the “Notify me of follow-up comments by email.” is from AWeber? I’ve never really seen that option in other WordPress blogs I read and we have to manually check back all the time to see if there was a reply from the author

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        That’s a native WordPress feature, I think…let me double check.

      • Kyle Trouble says:


        It’s Jetpack, and it adds this to your ‘Discussion’ settings:

        Jetpack Subscriptions Settings

        Change whether your visitors can subscribe to your posts or comments or both.

        Follow Blog
        Show a ‘follow blog’ option in the comment form
        Follow Comments
        Show a ‘follow comments’ option in the comment form

      • J.K. Diego says:

        Thanks for sharing, Kyle! That’s incredibly helpful! Wonder why Jetpack wasn’t one of the default thing badnet installed. Remember having it on my previous sites though…

      • Kyle Trouble says:

        No prob man, glad to help. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t install it.

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  • Brian Mark says:

    You stated that you can write an eBook once and continue to make money on it. You get the initial pop when you sell it, but sales don’t remain the same. Books don’t stay on the best seller list forever so how long is it before the the sales trickle down to low numbers?

  • >