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Latin Fever: The Guide to Peruvian Women

When a wannabe International Playboy asks me about traveling to Latin America, I always tell him: “Go to Lima. Meet Peruvian women.

Lima is safe (if you stick to areas I recommend), the girls speak good English and lie on their backs for most foreign guys.

Peru is the first step on the path to Latin America pussy slaying mastery. Brazil can be dangerous for newbies and the idea that Brazilian girls are very sexual is an urban myth. Colombian women can be devious and slippery. Bolivia and Ecuador are not worth it—the girls are ugly. Argentine girls look down their noses at your approaches. Venezuela is off limits for the time being. Dominican women will take the shirt off your back if you are green and Cuba is mostly pay-for-play.

Now you know why you should visit Peru if you want to get your dick wet, what follows is the How To Guide to traveling in Peru and seducing Peruvian women.

I’ll start with a description of Peruvian women and what type of guys do well in the land of the Incas. Next I’ll tell you which cities you should focus your efforts on, and finally, I’ll give you the tools you’ll need to spread as many Peruviana legs as possible.

Para delante!


The average Peruvian girl is not good looking but the high-end talent is just as good as anywhere else. Colombia’s female talent is more of a diamond: few fugly girls, a handful of smokeshows and an abundance of high 6’s and solid 7’s. It’s like a modern European country with a bulging middle-class.

Peru, in contrast, is like a neo-liberal state. All Peruvian women between the ages of 18-35 herded together and sorted by looks would form a pyramid. The best looking girls (usually the ones with Spanish blood) are incredible but few and far between while you’ll find masses of square-bodied, flat-nosed 3’s and 4’s.

When guys bash Peruvian girls’ aesthetics, I always counter that the girls have really cute faces (second only to Colombian girls). Unfortunately, they can’t compete with their northern neighbours from the neck down.


Experienced. Many of the Peruvian girls you’ll meet have banged lots of gringos.

Hey, if you want easy girls, you have to take the good with the bad.


The White God factor is big in the land of the Incas so dye your hair blonde and get some blue eye contact lenses if you can.

Sorry to all the dark-skinned brothas out there, the red pill is painful to swallow sometimes. Chin up and go meet some Brazilian women or Mexican girls.


Latina swordsmen should focus on three major Peruvian cities (in order of preference):

  1. Lima
  2. Arequipa
  3. Cusco


Most of Lima, outside of a few historical areas, is slum central. There are only a few areas of Lima that I would stay in: Miraflores, San Isidrio, or Barranco.

I can’t hide my love for Miraflores: it’s clean, safe, right on the ocean and walkable to nightlife/shopping outlets.

Do your daygame work in the following two malls: Larcomar and Jockey plaza.


Famed for having the best food in Peru, Arequipa is both safer and smaller than Lima and second only to Cusco for architecture and things to do.

Due to the heavy influx of Spaniards during Colonial times, the city also has more white-skinned, caucasian-looking girls than Lima and many more than Cusco.


While Cusco is not a city to base up for a few months (too touristy and with a transient population) it’s great for lovers of night game. Here’s why: “What happens in Cusco stays in Cusco“. The girls most likely to bang are not local girls but the girls visiting from Lima for the weekend.

Just remember to layer up as it gets chilly up in the mountains at night.

To help you decide where to go, here are a couple of extra tips:

  1. If your Spanish is weak, go to Lima first.
  2. Begin in Lima and once you have got your bearings there, go to Cusco then to Arequipa.

For those adventurous souls, check out Iquitos if you want to explore the jungle and enjoy some Phillipines-level foreigner exotic value.


Gringo hunters are the low-hanging fruit of Lima nightlife and if you want easy pickings, start your nights with drinks in local hostels then head to the clubs at midnight. Certain clubs in Lima will be easier because the girls will be looking for gringos. Here are three Lima nigh clubs I recommend, in order from the most gringo hunter infested to the least:

  1. Bizarro
  2. Help
  3. Gothica

News: Word on the Lima streets is that Help and Gothica are currently being refurbished but should be back in business in less than a month.

Just make sure you dress slightly better than the other gringos. I stumbled on this insight one night in Lima when I rocked a blazer in Gothica and received twice the eye contact that I usually did in my v-neck t-shirt.


Tinder is big in Lima so make sure your swiping game is sharp. Consider investing in Kyle’s course , optimize your photos, and get a few Spanish openers ready that you can copy and paste.

If you are going to visit a few different cities in Peru, get a Latin American Cupid account and pipeline the whole country. Apply the tips in this article and you’ll have so many Peruvian girls blowing up your phone you’ll be begging me to take them off your hands.

The advantage of online game in Lima is that lots of girls on these sites speak English. After Argentine girls, Peruvian girls have the best English skills in Latin America.



Peruvian women

Don’t overcomplicate dates with Peruvian girls. No need for elaborate plans.

A drink at a local bar then back to your place is good enough 90% of the time. If it’s a weekend. meet her at the club and at 2am tell her you’re going home and ask her to come with you.


As Kyle emphasizes on this blog, traveling and being a cool guy is about so much more than just girls. In Peru you’ll be spoilt for great food, history and nature.

When you want to drain your balls, you’ll find plenty of girls who are worldly and speak good English.


Un abrazo,
El Conquistador

PS: Make sure you set up some dates with Peru’s finest before you go.

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