10 Best Posts of Trouble, 2016 - This Is Trouble

10 Best Posts of Trouble, 2016

As 2016 is now over it’s time to round up the best posts found here at This Is Trouble.

#10: 33 Truths About Blogging Nobody Will Tell You (Learn From My Mistakes)

#9: 8 Tips on How to Screen a Girl for a Relationship

#8: How to Create a Membership Site for Profit (It’s Easier Than You Think)

#7: Field Report: I Look Into Your Eyes and I See Pain

#6: Travels, Charity, and More

#5: You Want to be The Greatest?

#4: How to Make a Good Girl Your Personal Sex Slave

#3: 25 Thoughts on Life on My 25th Birthday (Lessons for the Early 20s Man)

#2: Why You Can’t Have It All (At Once)

#1: TODAY I’m Quitting My Job & Moving Abroad

Honorable Mention: The Ultimate Guide to Ukrainian Women [Ukraine Living]

The new year starts today, so if now is TRULY the time to get started on those projects you’ve said you’d do. And if you need a site, I’m here to help.

2017, let’s get started.

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